Tommy and Joel killed innocent people and stole their belongings and food. This was their way to survive after the outbreak initially happened.

This is the secret they keep between each other, and that causes Maria, Tommy’s wife, to distrust Joel. It is also the reason why Joel is so proficient at killing when he meets Ellie.

Eventually they abandoned that way of life. Joel joined the Boston QZ, and Tommy left his brother behind in search of the rebel group, the Fireflies.

Of course, Joel couldn’t escape the consequences of his dark past. During episode 6 of The Last of Us Season 1, he is brutally stabbed, leaving his ultimate fate unclear.

It is made apparent in The Last of Us TV show that a lot of people, including Joel and Tommy, had to do difficult and often criminal things to survive the harsh apoclapyse.

Throughout each episode, The Last of Us TV show demonstrates how the many splintered factions spread across its fictionalized version of America survives. Some do so with care and love, while others resort to violence and even attack Ellie and Joel.

Joel and Tommy looking at one another in the bar in Jackson in The Last of Us TV show episode 6

Why Does Maria Hate Joel in The Last of Us TV Show?

Maria dislikes Joel because she doesn’t trust him. She believes that Joel forced Tommy to kill innocent people when they were younger, and the Outbreak first happened.

When Joel first arrives at Maria’s settlement in Jackson, she fears he has come to bring Tommy back into that life of crime and murder.

As Maria’s has never met Joel before and only knows about him through Tommy’s story, she doesn’t initially trust him. However, she would later learn to trust and abandon her preconceptions of him.

While it is unclear what Tommy’s exact role was when he and Joel were younger, it is heavily implied that Joel was predominantly responsible for the unspeakable acts they both fear to talk about.

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