Starfield is finally just days away from its official release, but what consoles will we be able to play it on when it arrives?

A new Bethesda game’s arrival is always a big deal, and Starfield might just be the most exciting project Bethesda Game Studios has ever worked on.

Now, as the September 6 launch day grows ever closer, it’s time to make sure you have the appropriate hardware to get playing.

What Consoles Can You Play Starfield On?

The only consoles that can natively play Starfield are the Xbox Series X and S. Therefore, physical Starfield discs will only work on Xbox Series X, as the S does not have a disc drive.

However, Starfield can be played on Xbox One via Cloud Streaming for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate customers.

In addition to consoles, digital copies of Starfield are available on PC, through both Steam and the Microsoft Store or PC Game Pass app.

Starfield Xbox

Starfield will not be coming to PS4, PS5, or Nintendo Switch, making it exclusive to platforms that have Xbox Game Pass. This is thanks to Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media, parent company of Bethesda, back in 2021.

Starfield Consoles List

Here’s a list of platforms that can play Starfield – and how the game is playable on each device:

  • Xbox Series X – Physical Disc or Digital
  • Xbox Series S – Digital Only
  • Xbox One – Cloud Streaming Only
  • PC – Digital Only

Starfield should also be available to play on tablet and mobile devices, thanks to Xbox’s Cloud Streaming.

The feature, which is only available as part of Game Pass Ultimate, will allow users with a solid internet connection to stream the power of a Series X to a screen of their choice.

What’s more, the cloud will even take care of your save files for you. And thanks to Xbox’s Play Anywhere feature, it appears that those saves will be available to use no matter which platform you decide to play on next.

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