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What Are the PS5 DualSense’s Adaptive Triggers and What Do They Do?

One of the most exciting features of the PS5’s DualSense controller is its adaptive triggers. But what are these special triggers exactly, and what do they do?

Now that the DualSense controller is arriving in stores, it’s only natural that somebody would take it apart. After all, the new hardware houses some of the most impressive innovations in recent gaming history.

We’re talking, of course, about haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. These two features have been widely-praised by all PS5 early reviewers, and we’re excited to experience the technology for ourselves.

(Source: Sony)

What Do the PS5’s DualSense Adaptive Triggers Do?

In terms of adaptive triggers, what Sony wants to accomplish is a button that’s capable of fighting back against the player. This sense of tension allows gameplay to feel just that much more realistic.

For example, drawing a bow in a video game would activate the adaptive triggers, making the button strain against the player’s finger. This gives off the feel of the bowstring, ready to release.

In Astro’s Playroom, the built-in title that comes with every PS5, the DualSense technology is shown off properly. In one section of the game, Astro heads into a spring suit that bounces around the stage.

Pressing down the trigger will give players the feeling of a spring being loaded. A clip of this springy tension can be seen below.

There’s no question that this feature will lead to even more immersion in-game. However, it remains to be seen just how many games developers will make use of the technology outside of the hardware’s launch period.

Hopefully, this isn’t yet another feature that goes underutilized, like the Nintendo Switch’s HD Rumble.

How Do PS5 DualSense’s Adaptive Triggers Work?

For those eager to see exactly how this adaptive trigger technology works, you’re in luck. Tech YouTuber TronicsFix gives us a breakdown of how exactly adaptive triggers operate.

As seen in his extraordinarily-detailed breakdown video, the rotation of a spiral gear adjusts a trigger blocker’s angle. Here, the blocker can cause increased resistance to a trigger pull or even stop it entirely.

(Source: TronicsFix)

The latter has already been confirmed for the upcoming title Deathloop, where the triggers will block completely when the player’s gun jams. It’s a function that’s not possible on any other controller besides the DualSense.

And that’s what makes the PS5 controller so exciting to see in action. Players are getting ready to feel a new level of immersion in their gameplay with the next-gen console.

The only issue that faces the DualSense so far is its battery level. In fact, one early reviewer claims that the PS5 DualSense battery is disappointing, despite it being larger than in the DualShock 4.

All these new features certainly seem to take a toll on battery life, but it’s worth it, seeing as the DualSense is more next-gen than the PS5 itself. And those fans who have taken a close look at the controller will discover a mind-blowing detail about the DualSense.