PokeStop Showcases are a type of Pokemon GO competition held at PokeStops where players compare the attributes of their Pokemon. For instance, some PokeStop Showcases will ask players to enter their largest Squirtle.

The higher you rank in the Showcase, the better rewards you can earn!

We’ve got a full rundown of everything you need to know about PokeStop Showcases so you can enter and win as many as possible.

What PokeStops Hold PokeStop Showcases?

Any PokeStop with a blue/green circle above it is currently holding a PokeStop Showcase.

Throughout a season, PokeStop Showcases will happen at the same PokeStops, so make sure to make a note of which ones hold these events.

Blue Green Circle Above PokeStop Pokemon GO

How to Enter a PokeStop Showcase

Entering a PokeStop Showcase in Pokemon GO is simple, provided you find a PokeStop holding one:

  • Find a PokeStop with a blue/green circle above it
    • This icon indicates a PokeStop with an active Showcase
  • Walk up to the PokeStop and tap on it
  • Tap the Showcase button below the Picture Disc
  • Select which Pokemon you want to enter the Showcase
    • Below each Pokemon, you can see how many points each one is worth – choose the one with the highest amount of points

Unlike putting your Pokemon in a Gym, entering a Pokemon in a Showcase does not leave them at the PokeStop. This means that you are still free to trade, transfer or change their form.

Pokemon GO Entering a PokeStop Showcase

Switching Showcase Pokemon

After you have entered a PokeStop Showcase, you can also switch out which Pokemon you have entered.

Simply go back to the PokeStop Showcase menu and press the Switch Pokemon button below the Pokemon you entered. Then, you can replace this Pokemon with another one.

Pokemon GO PokeStop Showcase Switch Pokemon

How to Win a PokeStop Showcase

To win a PokeStop Showcase, you will want to select whichever of your eligible Pokemon has the highest amount of points.

When selecting which Pokemon to enter into a PokeStop Showcase, you will be able to see how many points each Pokemon is worth underneath it. Pick the one with the highest amount of points.

While this will not guarantee that you’ll win, it will give you the best chance of ranking as high as possible!

You can see how you are currently ranking by visiting the PokeStop where the Showcase is happening and viewing the leaderboard.

PokeStop Showcase Points

PokeStop Showcase Rewards & How to Claim Them

Every Pokemon GO player who enters a PokeStop Showcase will earn a small reward such as Stardust or XP once it ends. Meanwhile, the top 3 on the leaderboard will get a great reward like an Incubator or a Star Piece.

There are two ways to claim your PokeStop Showcase rewards:

  • Tapping on the PokeStop after the Showcase ends
    • You can tell if you have rewards if the circle above the PokeStop turns orange
  • Via the Today View to claim your PokeStop Showcase rewards remotely

Now that you know everything about PokeStop Showcases in Pokemon GO, you should be able to win plenty of these competitions and earn some great rewards!

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