You may have noticed that the PokeStops in Pokemon GO have turned orange, but why is this?

PokeStops are an essential part of Pokemon GO, as spinning them allows you to get helpful items like Poke Balls and Potions. Plus, you get Field Research with every PokeStop spin as long as you have space to pick up another Task.

While PokeStops are usually blue (or purple after you spin them), they sometimes change color depending on in-game events. So why are all of the PokeStops in Pokemon GO orange, and do orange PokeStops work differently to standard ones?

Why Are PokeStops Orange in Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO changes the color of PokeStops to orange for the yearly Halloween event to give the in-game map a spooky feel.

If you look closely, you’ll be able to see pumpkins at the base of all of the orange PokeStops too. This is an extra-Halloweeny touch for the these seasonal ‘Stops!

For 2023, orange PokeStops will be in Pokemon GO from 10 AM local time on October 19 until 8 PM local time on October 31. This is during both Part 1 and Part 2 of the 2023 Pokemon GO Halloween event.

Pokemon GO Halloween 2023 Part 1

Are Orange PokeStops Different from Standard Blue PokeStops?

Other than the color change, orange PokeStops work exactly the same as blue PokeStops. They are merely changed to orange to go with a Halloween theme.

This means that you’ll still be able to pick up rewards and Field Research Tasks from spinning them, just as you would any a standard blue PokeStop.

Pokemon GO Orange PokeStops

What’s more, there are plenty of great Halloween event Field Research Tasks that you can get from spinning orange PokeStops!

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