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What Are Holo Chests & How to Unlock Them in Fortnite

A new type of Chest has been added to Fortnite called the Holo Chest – here is everything you need to know about them.

One of the most efficient ways of getting weapons and gear in Fortnite is through the use of chests. However, there’s no way of knowing just what loot you’re going to get with each one.

Fortunately, Chapter 3 Season 4 saw the introduction of Chrome chests. These offer a greater chance of gaining one of the new EvoChrome Shotguns and Burst Rifles.

But for players who really want to know exactly what weapon they’re getting, the all-new Holo Chests offer just that.

What Are Holo Chests in Fortnite?

Holo Chests are chests found randomly across Fortnite that display a hologram of a specific weapon they contain and require a key to be unlocked.

Each Holo Chest comes with just a singular weapon or item. However, the weapon is displayed above the Chest via a hologram – hence the name – letting players know exactly what they’re unlocking.

the Lennox Rose skin in Fortnite next to unopened Holo Chests

These Chests offer players all kinds of weapons that can be either Epic, Legendary, or even Exotic rarity. So, you won’t have to find all of the NPCs in Fortnite to unlock Exotic weapons.

How to Unlock Holo Chests?

To unlock a Holo Chest in Fortnite, simply follow these steps:

  • Find one or two keys scattered across the island
    • Epic or Legendary Holo Chests require one key
    • Exotic Holo Chests require two keys
  • Bring them to a Holo Chest
  • Unlock the Holo Chest using a key
  • A weapon will be produced
the Lennox Rose skin from Fortnite next to Holo Chests

You should be able to find keys scattered randomly across the island as both floor and Chest loot.

They don’t have a consistent spawn point, so if you can’t find any, you may have to steal one from an opponent

Keys can also be used to unlock the loot-filled Key Vaults found across the island. So, it’s up to the player whether or not they want to unlock a specific gun immediately or take a chance on a Vault.

Where Are Holo Chests in Fortnite?

There are a few locations where Holo Chests have been found:

  • Herald’s Sanctum
  • Grim Gables
  • Lustrous Lagoon
  • Gas Station outside of Herald’s Sanctum
a map of Holo Chest locations in Fortnite

Holo Chests spawn randomly in Fortnite and therefore do not always have a consistent location. However, players can discover them on the map through the Lock icon, just like Vaults.

While you may not be able to drop anywhere specifically to get them, you should pick one of the better landing spots in Chapter 3 Season 4, as they’re more likely to appear around those.

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