Mysterious new Gold PokeStops are appearing in Pokemon GO, but what are the new golden variants and what do they do?

If you’re logging into Pokemon GO today, you might notice something rather different about the nearby PokeStops. While some look the same as ever, others are a strange new golden color, something we’ve never seen before.

What’s more, there’s a mysterious new creature showing its face in-game.

What Do Golden PokeStops Do in Pokemon GO?

Gold PokeStops function similarly to regular PokeStops in Pokemon GO, but each one will also give players Gimmighoul Coins when spun.

In addition, Golden PokeStops give out more items than standard PokeStops. Players can turn PokeStops into Golden PokeStops by using a Golden Lure Module.

These rare modules can be acquired by sending multiple Postcards to Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet.

Gold PokeStops in Pokemon GO
Credit: W4RLOCKK via PokeMiners

Here’s everything we know about the new Coin Pokemon and how to catch it in Pokemon GO!

Why Are Gold PokeStops in Pokemon GO?

Gold PokeStops allow players to collect Gimmighoul Coins, which is the only way to evolve the Pokemon. These coins are also attainable by catching Roaming Form Gimmighoul or adventuring with it as your buddy.

Collect 999 Gimmighoul Coins and give them to the Pokemon to evolve it into Gholdengo!

Gold PokeStop in Pokemon GO

How to Use Gold PokeStops

To use a Golden PokeStop, simply:

  • Approach the PokeStop’s real-world location
  • When close, tap the Golden PokeStop
  • Spin the disk by flicking your finger to the left or right, from the center
  • You will then receive an assortment of items, including Gimmighoul Coins
How to Spin a PokeStop
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