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What are FUT Moments? – How to Earn FUT Stars in FIFA 23

FUT Moments is a brand new mode in FIFA 23 that allows players to relive iconic and inspirational stories from some of their favorite players while earning unique rewards.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is pushing to reinvigorate the popular mode in quite a few ways. One of them by introducing a brand new mode called Fut Moments.

Fut Moments will give gamers more control over their rewards. You’ll be able to experience some memorable moments in football history.

Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting new mode coming to FIFA 23.

FUT 23 Moments

What are FUT Moments?

FUT Moments is a new FIFA 23 mode that focuses on fun, short scenarios with various challenges for gamers to enjoy.

The biggest takeaway from FUT Moments is that it introduces a brand new currency to FIFA 23 called FUT Stars. FUT Stars give gamers more control over their rewards for completing challenges.

FIFA promises to update this new mode multiple times throughout the year. As time progresses, different Moments will highlight various aspects of football and FIFA.

It also allows those in a time pinch to participate in a shorter FUT experience.

So rather than dividing your time among all the other modes, FUT Moments can be something you do during a break or when you don’t want to do a full-length match.

This will be helpful to those looking to build their teams with the newly reworked Chemistry System.

FUT Stories Explained

Every Moment in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team begins by selecting a Story. They are inspired by Seasonal Themes, FUT Campaigns, and actual events from football history.

Some Stories are limited-time events, but others are available indefinitely. Similar to how Objectives work.

Once inside of a Story, gamers must select from different Chapters. Each Chapter represents a different theme for the Story. This is where gamers will find the Moments they can play and earn challenges from.

For example, in the Story “Rise of Mbappé” you will find Chapters titled:

  • Early Career
  • Rising Star
  • Star Status

Each of these Chapters will have eight different Moments that gamers can play through.

How to Obtain FUT Stars

Gamers can obtain FUT Stars by:

  • Completing Moments
    • Increasing the Reward Level for the challenge will reward you with more FUT Stars than completing the base Reward Level.
    • Once you’ve earned the FUT Stars for all Reward Levels in a Moment, you will no longer earn rewards from it. You can still replay them for your enjoyment.
  • Each Chapter has a Group Reward that you can earn by completing all Moments and their respective Reward Levels.
  • FUT Stars do not expire and will carry over throughout the different FIFA 23 Seasons.

Each Moment is an individual scenario with its own set of objectives that gamers will need to complete within a set time.

Here is an image showing what a Moment might look like in FIFA 23:

FIFA FUT Moments

Once you’ve chosen a Moment that you’d like to do, you’ll be able to select how many FUT Stars you want to try and obtain.

Usually, you’ll be able to choose anywhere from 1-3. Every Moment is different.

Once you select the Reward Level, you’ll be able to see the changes in difficulty within the Modifiers. Some Moments will also have special Squad Requirements that you will need to fill to complete the challenge.

In the image above, the challenge presented is:

  • Complete a tackle
  • Pass the ball 1 time
  • Score a goal

Here is what completing a Moment may look like in an actual FIFA 23 game:

And if you happen to mess up during a challenge, then all you need to do is pause the game and restart the challenge.

It’s a quick process that allows you to quickly retry until you beat the objective without needing to return to the main menu.

Once you’ve earned your FUT Stars, you’ll be able to use them in the FUT Star Gallery.

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The FUT Star Gallery is where gamers can earn in-game rewards and use their FUT Stars.

These rewards range from various player packs to actual player cards themselves.

You’ll likely see players from some of the unique cards that FIFA 23 Ultimate Team offers in the FUT Star Gallery.

Sometimes certain Moments will require certain players to be completed. Thankfully, you’ll be able to find them in the FUT Star Gallery for 0 Stars to help you achieve the objective.

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