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What Are Follow Up Attacks in Honkai: Star Rail?

Deal more damage by learning follow up attacks.

Honkai: Star Rail features turn-based combat, meaning players have fewer opportunities to defend, counter and use follow-up attacks. As a result, these limitations add another layer of strategy.

For those looking to master combat, follow up attacks are a great way to deal additional damage, making battles that much easier. However, for newcomers on the the Astral Express, this mechanic can be tough to master.

What Are Follow Up Attacks in Honkai: Star Rail?

Follow-up attacks deal automatic damage to enemies without requiring the player to select an attack.

Only certain characters in Honkai: Star Rail with specific Talents can perform follow-up attacks. In the game, Talents are one of the five skill categories.

Building a team around the characters who are capable of this type of attack is a great way to deal bonus damage. Especially because follow-ups do not count as a moves.

Follow up attack in Honkai Star Rail
Credit: Gamespot

How to Use Follow Up Attacks in Honkai: Star Rail

To use follow up attacks in Honkai: Star Rail, players will need to use the following characters and meet the criteria for their unique Talent:

HertaFine, I’ll Do It MyselfIf a party member reduces enemy HP to below 50%, Herta will use a follow-up attack
KafkaGentle But CruelWhen a party member uses basic attack on an enemy, Kafka immediately launches a follow up attack dealing lightning damage.
March 7thGirl PowerMarch 7th will counter-attack if an attacked party member is shielded.
HimekoVictory RushIf a party member or Himeko inflicts Weakness Break on an enemy, a follow-up attack occurs.
Jing YuanPrana ExtirpatedAfter his own move, he can use follow-up attacks, however it is not always guaranteed.
ClaraBecause We’re FamilyWhen an attacker inflicts damage to Clara or other party members, she launches a counter-attack.
March 7th in honkai star rail who uses follow up attacks
March 7th – one of the characters who uses follow up attacks

March 7th is one of the six characters that can use these attacks in Honkai: Star Rail, so if you are looking to have her in your team, check out the best build for March 7th!

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