Double Kills in MW2 are achieved by getting two kills within precisely three seconds of each other. If you get the second kill after those three seconds, it won’t count.

Once you’ve gotten the second kill in that short timeframe, you’ll earn 110 XP and get the Double Kill notification.

You’ll need to get Double Kills to unlock certain weapons in COD Modern Warfare 2. For example, it is just one of the ways you can unlock the incredibly powerful Tempus Torrent Marksman Rifle.

It’s worth noting that if a weapon challenge requests you to get a Double Kill with a Marksman Rifle, you’ll need to get both kills with a Marksman Rifle. If you get a second kill with a different weapon, it won’t count.

How to Get Easy Double Kills in MW2

You can get easy Double Kills in Call of Duty: MW2 by playing in either the Domination or Hardpoint game mode.

Additionally, using a weapon loadout that dramatically reduces TTK will ensure you can get the second kill within the three-second timeframe.

Domination and Hardpoint are the best game modes to achieve a Double Kill as players are focused on specific objectives. They’ll all be fighting for the same location, making it easier to find and kill two people in rapid succession.

You should also use Stun Grenades, as these will incapacitate multiple opponents, allowing you to move in and get two kills without resistance.

Finally, use the Portable Radar Field Upgrade to see which location enemies are heading to. You’ll be able to clearly see when two or more enemies are next to each other.

the Double Kill notification in MW2
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Easiest Way to Get 25 Marksman Rifle Double Kills

The easiest way to get Marksman Rifle Double Kills in MW2 is to use one of the best Marksman Rifle loadouts. Using a powerful Marksman Rifle with a low TTK will get you two kills in rapid succession.

You should focus on killing enemies from afar in the Domination and Hardpoint game modes, as enemies will group in one location.

You’ll have better luck in Hardpoint, as everyone is fighting over a singular location. However, if you play in Domination, focus on the B point, as this tends to be the most contested.

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