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Weird Warzone Glitch Gives Player Accidental Wallhack

A new clip has shown a Warzone glitch that allows players to see through walls unintentionally.

Wallhacking has been a big problem for Call of Duty for a long time.

Warzone especially is full of players using wallhacks. Cheating is a big problem for the game, and Activision's actions haven't done enough to keep the game from being overrun by hackers.

Players have been reporting that wallhackers are in "almost every game". It's a total disaster, and despite Activision promising to fix the game's cheating problem, hackers are still rife.

call of duty warzone wallhack bug
Call of Duty Warzone

But, as it happens, some players might be using cheating methods completely accidentally. One player has shared a clip that sees them using a wallhack completely unintentionally.

Warzone's Accidental Wallhacker

In a clip shared to the CoDWarzone subreddit, user chinitotuchman has stumbled upon a glitch that outlines his opponents in red on the battlefield.

This is a feature that's usually used when fighting in the gulag. But of course, in a simpler one on one battle, this isn't all that overpowered.

The clip shows the player spot a player across the map, outlined in red. They are able to see the red outline through a building and are able to fire on the enemy the moment they appear.

This is a huge problem for Warzone, and if it's a mechanic that can be forced in-game, could be game-breaking.

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The player has clarified how the Warzone wallhack glitch came to pass in the comments. They went to the gulag, and the moment they loaded into the game, "gulag victory" appeared.

Call fo Duty Warzone Accidental wall hack glitch
Call of Duty Warzone

They were then instantly returned to the battle, whereupon they could see their enemy through walls and across the map.

The user also implied this wasn't a one-enemy scenario. The user has suggested they also have another clip of them being able to see through the planes in the Boneyard.

Fingers crossed the Warzone wallhack glitch isn't a meta that's exploited by the cheating masses.

These bugs have a habit of ruining games, and that's not something that Warzone needs right now. Especially with all the rumors circulating about Warzone's season two.

There's a conversation that Verdansk's second bunker doors could open soon, but also there's potential that Verdansk will be removed from the game entirely.

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