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Weird Black Ops Cold War Glitch Teleports Player Across the Map

This Black Ops Cold War player teleports from one side of Miami to the other, in the weirdest glitch we’ve seen today.

Black Ops Cold War is a game that knows its fair share of glitches. But this unusual interaction is probably one of the most absurd issues that we’ve ever seen in the popular FPS.

When playing on Miami, this Black Ops Cold War player somehow manages to teleport from one side of the map to the other. But after taking a quick dip in the pool their character decides to head back to its previous position.

Black Ops Cold War Miami
(Source: Activision)

In the past we’ve seen Black Ops Cold War glitches making players invisible. We’ve also seen a Cold War Zombies glitch give users invincibility.

Given that we’ve now got a teleporting player too, perhaps Treyarch is assembling some sort of buggy Avengers inside its latest game.

Black Ops Cold War Bug Teleports Player to the Miami Pool

In a new post on Reddit, one Black Ops Cold War player confirms that they’ve unlocked the ‘Tactical Teleport.’ While we didn’t know this was a feature before, it appears that Cold War’s newest bug teleports players all the way to Miami’s pool.

Despite being nowhere near the motel, Reddit user Snow_EU took a real detour, thanks to a new glitch. Upon peeking out a nearby window, the Cold War player immediately encounters connection issues.

We know that SBMM is confirmed to affect your Ping in-game, but this is a little too much. This time, the user’s connection has severe issues that pulls them backward before teleporting them entirely.

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Hilariously, this cross-map teleport lands the user in the Miami pool before dragging them swiftly back to their starting position. And tragically, the moment they’re back in control, the player gets sniped for an instant death.

We’ve seen Warzone players teleport across the map before, but this is a new game entirely. This new glitch probably has something to do with the fact that Black Ops Cold War players are reporting massive lag spikes lately.

It’s no surprise that many Black Ops Cold War fans are getting sick of the game altogether.

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