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Can You Wear Trash Can Helmet in Honkai: Star Rail?

There is more to a trash can than meets the eye in Honkai Star Rail.

The Trailblazer in Honkai: Star Rail has an unnatural attraction to the many trash cans scattered throughout the different worlds.

Players have taken to social media to share their enjoyment of the main character’s weird fixations, and plenty of fan art has also been made of it.

But one player has taken things a step further and actually added a helmet for the Trailblazer to wear in Honkai: Star Rail.

Unfortunately, there is no way to unlock a trash can helmet in Honkai: Star Rail through normal means. The video that surfaced recently showing the Trailblazer with a helmet is the work of a mod.

In the video below, you can see content creator Salty Shrimp, describe a quest to obtain the helmet in great detail, but in reality, it seems to be a mod that players need to install.

The mod appears to be “Trash Trailblazers” from GameBanana and can be downloaded here.

Although, the quest that they describe does seem a bit too much. To get this “trash can helmet,” players must interact with every trash can in Jarilo VI.

This is the planet where players meet Seele and the first stop for the Astral Express crew. It seems like a pretty ridiculous ask, especially because there is no real way to keep track of this in-game.

But it gives players a chance to hear the dialogue that has driven this meme to its current popularity. With each trash can, it seems the Trailblazer unlocks a new feeling within themselves.

If you’re interested in the meme, it’s a fun adventure, but it does not reward the player with a helmet.

This may come as bad news to players that were hoping to take the Trailblazer’s long-lost soul mate (the trash can) out for a spin through the city.

Players can unlock a trash can to use as their in-game avatar for Honkai: Star Rail.

How to Unlock Trash Can Avatar

To unlock the trash can avatar in Honkai: Star Rail, players need to interact with five of the trash cans found within the Administrative District of Jarilo-VI.

Inspect the trash cans and exhaust all the dialogue options. Even Dan Heng and March 7th will comment on your interesting fixation at some point.

Trash Can Avatar Honkai Star Rail

After all the dialogue, players will see a prompt appear on their screen informing them about their new avatar.

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