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Best Weapons To Level Up in Warzone & Cold War Double XP Weekend

These are the best weapons to level up in the upcoming Warzone and Cold War Double XP weekend.

Warzone players will always want to use the most powerful guns in the game. However, no weapon is good without the right attachments.

The upcoming Double XP Weekend in Warzone and Cold War also includes Double Weapon XP. This means that players will want to level up some weapons that could become meta in the future – it’ll save you loads of time!

Close-Range Warzone Meta After FFAR Nerf?

The FFAR has been dominating close-range firefights in Warzone ever since the start of Season 2. However, players have angrily been asking for an FFAR nerf, so the overpowered AR might be the victim of a balancing update soon.

This possible nerf will open up a big hole in the close-range Warzone meta which will make a lot of guns great options.

To stay ahead of the meta in Warzone, you’ll want to level up these close-range guns before anyone else:

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Warzone Squad

Best Guns To Level Up in Warzone Double XP Weekend


The Bullfrog is probably the most underrated weapon in Warzone right now. It is a versatile SMG that has huge magazine options and is very effective at close to mid-range.

It works as a great sniper support weapon for the most accurate Kar98k class in Warzone. We suspect it will be the gun that many Warzone players will gravitate towards if the FFAR gets nerfed, so you’ll want to level it up this Double XP Weekend.

Find out the best Bullfrog loadout in Warzone Season 2.

Bullfrog Warzone


For players who want to pack a punch up close, the JAK-12 shotgun is the weapon you’ll want to level. JGOD recently crowned it the best Shotgun in Warzone Season 2 and for good reason.

It is devastating up close, but when using the best JAK-12 class in Warzone, it can two-shot any player up to 20m away! If shotguns become the new meta, then the JAK-12 could be the new king of Warzone.

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Best JAK-12 Loadout Warzone


You might be wondering why we are recommending to level up a pistol in the Warzone Double XP weekend. It’s because when using the Akimbo perk to wield two at a time, it is extremely powerful.

Additionally, as a sidearm, you can have the best Akimbo M19 loadout in Warzone as part of your Ghost loadouts, so you can stay off the radar.

However, any of the best secondary weapons in Warzone Season 2 would be other good options to level up during the Warzone Double XP Weekend too. You always want a strong Ghost class!

If you’re thinking of leveling up guns over the weekend, make sure you are using the quickest methods to level up guns in Warzone.

Best Secondary Weapon Warzone M19

Meanwhile, the developer has released an update on Warzone’s anti-cheat system. Let’s hope it works because Warzone cheaters are using even more powerful hacks than before.

Additionally, new testing has shown that you’ve been using the wrong throwables all along. Check out the unexpected best lethal equipment in Warzone.

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