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Every Weapon Inspired by a Real Life Gun in MW2

Every weapon in MW2 was inspired in some shape or form by real life guns. Many of these guns have become well-known throughout the Call of Duty community.

But in Modern Warfare 2, many of the weapons have names that barely resemble the guns that they are inspired by.

So if you’re curious to know their potential origins, then you’re in the right place.

Here are all the weapons of Modern Warfare 2 and the real life guns that inspired their designs.

All Real Life Names of MW2 Guns

There are over 45 weapons in Modern Warfare 2 that draw inspiration from real life guns.

You’ll find every weapon that is inspired by a real gun in MW2 listed below.

WeaponReal Life NameWeapon PlatformWeapon Type
M4Colt M4A1M4Assault Rifle
FTAC ReconAR-15M4Battle Rifle
556 IcarusFightlite MCRM4LMG
M16Colt M16A4M4Assault Rifle
FFS HurricaneAR57M4SMG
EBR-14MK 14 Enhanced BROrdnanceMarksman Rifle
SO-14M14OrdnanceBattle Rifle
Bryson 800Mossberg 590Bryson 800Shotgun
Bryson 890Mossberg 590MBryson 800Shotgun
SP-R 208Remington 708Bryson Long RifleMarksman Rifle
SA-B 50M24 Sniper Weapon SystemBryson Long RifleMarksman Rifle
LA-B 330McMillan TAC-300Bryson Long RifleSniper
SP-X 80Remington MSRBryson Long RifleSniper
Lachman-762Heckler & Koch G3Lachmann & MeerBattle Rifle
Lachman-556Heckler & Koch HK33Lachmann & MeerAssault Rifle
LM-SHeckler & Koch PSG1Lachmann & MeerMarksman Rifle
RAPP HHeckler & Koch HK21Lachmann & MeerLMG
Lachman SubHeckler & Koch MP5Lachmann & MeerSMG
TAQ-56FN SCAR-LTactique VerteAssault Rifle
TAQ-VFN SCAR-HTactique VerteBattle Rifle
TAQ-MFN SCAR 20STactique VerteMarksman Rifle
Kastov 762AK-103KastoviaAssault Rifle
Kastov 545AK-105KastoviaAssault Rifle
Kastov-74uAK-74KastoviaAssault Rifle
MinibakPP-19 BizonKastoviaSMG
X12Glock 17XRKHandgun
X13 AutoGlock 18XRKHandgun
STB 556AUG A3Bruen BullpupAssault Rifle
MX9AUG ParaBruen BullpupSMG
HCR 56Steyr AUG HBARBruen BullpupLMG
Vel 46Heckler & Koch MP7LMPSMG
PDSW 528FN P90Tactique DefenseSMG
Fennec 45Vector .45FennecSMG
Lockwood 300Citori 725Lockwood SportShotgun
Expedite 12Benelli M4ExpediteShotgun
Lockwood MK2Marlin 336Mark 2Marksman Rifle
MCPR-300Barret MRADMRBASniper Rifle
Signal 50GM6 Lynx .50SignalSniper Rifle
P890P220Bruen 890Handgun
.50 GSDesert EagleSAKIN G SERIESHandgun
Basilisk.357 MagnumBasilisk 500Handgun
M13BSIG-Sauer MCX VIRTUSBruen Ops PlatformAssault Rifle
BAS-PSIG-Sauer MPXBruen Ops PlatformSubmachine Gun
Victus XMRAccuracy International AW50Imperatorium PlatformSniper Rifle
ChimeraAAC / Q Honey Badger HybridN/AAssault Rifle

If you’re wondering when you’ll be able to use these weapons, check out our guide on how to unlock every weapon in MW2.

MW2 Real Life Guns

Is the Intervention in MW2?

No, unfortunately, the Intervention is not currently in Modern Warfare 2.

Although, it is likely that it will appear in the future since MW2 will add more weapons to each roster with every new season of the Battle Pass.

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Is the SCAR in MW2?

Yes, the SCAR is in Modern Warfare 2 and is under the Tactique Verte Weapon Platform.

You can unlock it in-game at Level 19. Check out our guide on leveling up quickly to help you reach this weapon faster.

Is the MP5 in MW2?

Yes, the MP5 is in Modern Warfare 2 and can be used by unlocking the Lachman Sub from the Lachmann & Meer Platform.

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Thursday 3rd of November 2022

I'm not a gun owner but isn't an ar15 just a civilian variant of an m4?

Tuesday 22nd of November 2022

@TheRealDooty,The M4 is the carbine version of the M16, which is based off the original ArmaLite AR-15 from the Vietnam war


Saturday 29th of October 2022

The Basilisk is NOT a .357 magnum by the fact that in-game it says it's chambered in .500