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Treyarch Increases Weapon XP in New Black Ops Cold War Update

With their latest patch, Treyarch takes aim at Black Ops Cold War's painfully slow weapon XP earn rates.

Black Ops Cold War November 30 Patch Notes

With Black Ops Cold War frequently offering its players 2XP and 2WXP events since the game's launch earlier this month, the writing was on the wall. The November 30 patch for the game will address its incredibly slow grind for weapon XP across Multiplayer and Zombies modes.

"Starting today, you’ll now level up your weapons and unlock more attachments faster than the previous standard rate in both MP and Zombies," Treyarch said.

This should address what was one of the community's biggest complaints about this year's game.

For Zombies mode, Treyarch fixed an issue that "causing lower-than-targeted Weapon XP in solo matches and in later rounds." They also addressed a problem that caused the Napalm Burst Ammo Mod to not consistently award Weapon XP when equipped.

Finally, the issue that allowed players outside the boundaries of Nuketown '84 has been fixed. The studio stated that they closed the gap that let players "stay alive outside of the playable space."

(Source: Reddit)

While the game still has a long ways to go, this is a step in the right direction. Treyarch has yet to address the crashing issues that plague multiple platforms, especially on Xbox Series X and PS5.

It's been a rough couple of weeks for Black Ops Cold War since launch. Just recently, players found an exploit that allowed them to fire instantly after sprinting.

There was also a bug that made one of its modes completely unplayable. When the game does work however, it can be a lot of fun. Check out the best MP5 loadout in Black Ops Cold War.

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