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Major Weapon Balancing Update Coming in Cold War Season 2 Reloaded

Black Ops Cold War will get a huge weapon balancing update soon – find out when.

Weapon balancing is a huge issue in all competitive multiplayer games. Some weapons could be too powerful, while others might be not strong enough.

This is exactly the case in Black Ops Cold War too. Find out when the next big weapon balancing update will arrive.

Black Ops Cold War Worst Weapon

Cold War Mid-Season 2 Weapon Balancing Update

Players have been complaining bout the balancing of weapons in Black Ops Cold War for a while now. This seems completely fair, as Treyarch hasn’t changed any weapons for over 3 months now.

Players are having problems with the totally overpowered XM4. They also want buffs and nerfs to loads of other weapons including the new LC10 SMG.

Find out how to unlock every new weapon in Cold War Season 2 here.

Black Ops Cold War Season 2

Luckily, Treyarch has revealed in a new tweet that a huge weapon balancing update for Cold War is on the way. The tweet says:

“For those asking about weapon tuning, we’ve got a full tuning pass coming in our next major update. And Season Two’s midpoint is just around the corner… hmm…”

Therefore, we can assume that the mid-season update will bring the long-requested weapon balancing updates. But this begs the question, when is Season 2 Reloaded coming?

Warzone players also want some weapon balancing updates too. NICKMERCS claims that the FFAR will be nerfed in an upcoming update.

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 reloaded leak(1)

When Is Cold War Season 2 Reloaded?

No date has been given for Cold War Season 2 Reloaded, however, Treyarch has said it is “just around the corner”. The midpoint of Season 2 is next Thursday, March 25, so players can expect a huge weapon balancing update, along with a load of other new content.

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Treyarch Twitter

Meanwhile, Black Ops Cold War players also have a number of other changes they would like to see. Firstly, this clever in-game feature would make tracking challenges way easier.

Also, Treyarch has finally responded to players complaining about Cold War’s double XP tokens not working. Let’s hope the developer fixes this issue soon.

Finally, fans of the franchise will want to see this exciting hint. A new teaser in Zombies Outbreak mode hints at Call of Duty 2021.

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