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Watch Two Riot Shield Players Beat A Warzone Hacker

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as encountering a Warzone hacker. Therefore, watching these two riot shield players beat one is just that much more satisfying.

Warzone hackers are still a prevalent issue in the popular battle royale. Whether Activision is struggling to implement a sufficient anti-cheat or the company simply doesn’t want to is unclear.

All we know for certain is that these players can make another free account and rejoin the fight, even when banned. Therefore, thousands of players are making use of wallhacks, aimbots, and more in their attempts to cheat a victory.

Now it seems that there’s actually a decent strategy to counter hacking players if you come up against one. However, it requires careful prior planning and a decent dollop of luck.

Riot Shield Warzone
(Source: Activision)

Two Riot Shield Players vs. Warzone Hacker

After being killed by a hacker using a strict aimbot, Reddit user lostinmymind82 shares footage of the enemy player. The user first reports the hacker several times so that Activision can eventually force them to make another free account.

Then, out of interest, the user sticks around to watch the match’s conclusion. With just three enemies remaining, the hacker should have had no issue getting the Warzone Victory.

Due to the aimbot hacks, user [CMerc]BBQPORKBUN had 26 kills to their name already. But it appears that getting the last couple of players was out of their reach.

Could a Riot Shield Be the Best Counter to Aimbotting?

As the game approaches the final ring, the hacker finds themselves being rushed by two riot shield users. The protective equipment meant that the team was safe from even the hacker’s high-caliber sniper rifle.

Cod Riot Shield
(Source: Activision)

Eventually, the hacker pulls out a secondary weapon in the hopes of getting a few bullets around the shield users. However, the two teammates split up to surround their enemy.

One stun grenade leaves the hacker disorientated, and despite their aimbot locking onto one player, they’re caught in a crossfire of bullets. Their health quickly drops to nothing, though they manage to put some damage on one enemy.

While this hacker got what they deserved, it was a fairly fortuitous event. Most hackers are still going unpunished due to Activision’s lax approach to cheaters.

Hopefully, the company will soon take more care with their game, which risks losing its dedicated fan base.

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