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Watch the Official PlayStation 5 Launch Trailer Here

It’s just about time for next-gen consoles to release, so it’s a perfect opportunity for Sony to reveal its PlayStation 5 launch trailer.

With only 2 weeks until the launch of the heavily-anticipated PlayStation 5, hype levels are at an all-time high. Because of this, Sony is capitalizing on the fans’ excitement and releasing the PS5’s launch trailer.

Entitled, ‘Play Has No Limits,’ the trailer details a trip into the unknown. Replicated footage from humanity’s greatest explorations is shown off, alongside upcoming ventures into outer space and beyond.

“We want to see what’s never been seen. Hear, what’s never been heard. Feel, what’s never been felt.”

PS5 Promo Image
(Source: Sony)

The PlayStation 5 Launch Trailer

The trailer plays off human beings’ innate curiousness and ties everything back to the upcoming console. Of course, the iconic PlayStation symbols that have appeared in every controller to date crop up along the way.

The trailer’s final line, “there are new worlds to explore,” truly hits home when we consider the power of the next-gen console. The PlayStation 5 trailer successfully builds expectations for the new hardware without even showing off any gameplay.

We’re even treated to a new promotional shot of the PS5 with a space-themed background. Now that we’ve almost got the power of a new generation of gaming in our hands, who knows how far Sony can take us.

After all, in the PS4’s 7-year lifespan, we saw tremendous improvements in both gameplay and graphical innovation. The differences between titles that launched alongside the new hardware and games like Ghost of Tsushima or The Last of Us: Part II are truly staggering.

Now, it feels like the super-powered device is exactly where consoles should be. Giving the developers the power to create the worlds they always wanted to be able to create.

Play has no limits, indeed.

But the PlayStation 5 launch trailer isn’t even the only big Sony news to drop recently. In fact, early reports indicate that the PS5’s DualSense controller is more next-gen than the console itself.

What’s more, we’ve got brand new images of the PlayStation 5 in a home setting for all those curious to see how the huge device will fit in.