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Warzone’s New Zombies Invasion Is Starting As Undead Leave Shipwreck

It appears that Warzone’s Zombies invasion is now underway, as a Call of Duty teaser reveals the undead will leave the Shipwreck POI.

In Warzone Season 2, the theme is Zombies, and the living dead are out in full force. It all began when a ship ran aground in Verdansk, carrying a very dangerous cargo.

As it turns out, the Vodyanoy was host to some Zombie passengers, and now the brain-eaters are present in Activision’s battle royale.

warzone zombies leaving shipwreck
(Source: Activision)

Although Zombies have been staying put at the Shipwreck up until now, it appears that this will not always be the case. In fact, a new report indicates that Zombies are getting ready to head out into Verdansk.

Before they do, be sure to take advantage of the new Warzone Zombies loot that only drops at Shipwreck!

Warzone: Zombies Heading All Over Verdansk?

Now, it seems that Warzone’s new Zombies are leaving the Shipwreck and beginning to head all over Verdansk.

This news comes courtesy of an official report by Call of Duty itself. In a short announcement, BCH4 reporter Mike Field reveals that the Zombie hordes are already on their way into the Verdansk map.

This looks to be the beginning of the leaked Warzone Plague mode that will feature Zombies and a Nuke.

In the news report, Mike Field reveals footage of the undead leaving the Shipwreck site at last. However, the field reporter doesn’t last long before being obliterated by an incoming rocket.

It looks like Warzone players are finally getting their wish for a permanent Zombies mode. However, leaks indicate that a Nuke may soon be wiping out Warzone as we know it.

In fact, it appears that we’ll be heading to a new Warzone map, following the End of Verdansk event.

But first, we might be playing on a destroyed version of Verdansk, in the aftermath of a Warzone Nuke. Only time will tell how this Zombies invasion pans out for Warzone – but we’re excited to see it in action.

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