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Warzone’s Second Bunker Doors Could Open Soon, According to Leaker

A new theory suggests that Warzone’s second set of bunker doors could open soon.

Bunkers were a very popular addition to Warzone and created a lot of speculation amongst fans. Even now, they still contain secrets.

Players can enter all of the bunkers by using either Red Access Cards or special codes. However, many Warzone bunkers have a second level of security that players have yet to get past.

Some Warzone bunkers have a mysterious second set of doors that players have yet to work out how to open. However, a Call of Duty data miner has a theory that they may be opening soon.

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Second Bunker Doors to Open in Warzone soon?

Reliable data miner @CallofDutyHope is convinced that the second bunker doors will open soon. They have been accurate with Call of Duty leaks in the past, but this is just speculation.

Players had discovered the Warzone final cutscene which shows Captain Price stopping a nuke from launching, but Verdansk may not be safe just yet.

This is where @CallofDutyHope’s Warzone bunker door idea comes in. Warzone has been recently hinting towards chemical weapon Nova 6 with the new Easter Egg and the bunkers could be the key.

They suggest that Warzone players could enter the bunker doors to hide from a nuclear or chemical weapon attack. Players could then emerge to see that Verdansk has been destroyed or changed by a nuclear blast.

Nuke Black Ops Cold War Warzone

This also lines up with the rumors about Verdansk potentially being removed as part of Warzone Season 2.

Alternatively, this upcoming event could introduce zombies into Verdansk. It sounds far-fetched, but a Zombies Trial Station has already been found in Warzone.

However, this is just speculation, and nothing about the upcoming Warzone event has been confirmed yet. Although, the secret behind the second set of bunker doors in Warzone should be resolved soon.

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Meanwhile, the Cold War and Warzone Season 2 trailer has finally dropped and it has revealed loads of new content. Find out all of the new operators, weapons, and scorestreaks confirmed for Cold War and Warzone Season 2.

Unfortunately, hacking is still a huge problem in Warzone at the moment. Cheaters using wallhacks ruin almost every game.

If only the hackers could get a sneak peak on what was behind the bunker doors in Warzone.

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