Warzone players are once again upset with the matchmaking system in the game, claiming that skill-based matchmaking (otherwise known as SBMM) is causing high ping lobbies!

Ping is the delay between inputs from players to the game’s server, making it integral in online gaming. A higher ping means more delay, while a lower ping means less delay.

Call of Duty claimed that ping is always the first consideration when sorting players into lobbies. This came recently when the developers explained exactly how MW3 and Warzone’s matchmaking system works.

Despite this, players are convinced that Call of Duty’s claim that “ping is king” wasn’t true and that skill is still the primary factor in matchmaking!

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Ping Isn’t King in Warzone?

A popular post on the Warzone subreddit by Loud-Storage7262 calls the ‘ping is king’ explanation from Call of Duty “the biggest lie this company has told”.

The reasoning behind this is that after their squad won a game of Resurgence with 38 kills, there was a stark difference in matchmaking. Apparently, after the high-kill win, finding a game took 3 times longer, and the ping increased from 17 to 50-60.

To top it all off, Loud-Storage7262 claims that every game after the win was like a CDL try-out!

Unfortunately, many members of the Warzone community have had similar matchmaking experiences. After winning games, players get higher ping games in servers located an entire continent away.

byu/Loud-Storage7262 from discussion

This matchmaking is such an issue that it has even turned into a running joke for some players, who believe that as soon as they get a win, their lobbies will be much more difficult and have a much higher ping.

byu/Loud-Storage7262 from discussion

Fans are still hoping that Call of Duty listens to their matchmaking concerns, but it seems unlikely at this point. At the very least, players would like to see a few tweaks to avoid high ping lobbies in Warzone!

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