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Warzone’s Luckiest Player Wins Battle Royale While Being Executed

Sometimes it’s fate that wins you a game. That certainly seems the case in this instance, as one Warzone player wins their game while being executed.

Warzone is a game that involves a huge amount of skill, positioning, and sometimes a big dollop of luck. Even when everything goes your way, being in the wrong place at the wrong time can spell disaster.

On the other hand, sometimes everything goes wrong, up until a pinch of luck saves the day. That’s certainly the case for this Warzone player, who shared their experience in-game with the game’s subreddit.

Warzone Luckiest Win
(Source: Activision)

After hearing that the new Warzone update nerfs the DMR and fixes Pay to Win, more users are returning to the battle royale.

Warzone’s Luckiest Win?

In the new footage, we see Reddit user tankmnandan dropping off a roof with a teammate for one of the game’s final kills. Having made it to the conclusion of the game, all that stands between their squad and victory is a handful of kills.

Tragically, while both players are able to down their enemy, fire from behind takes them by surprise. Both members of the squad immediately begin to use Self-Revives, but neither is quick enough.

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The Reddit poster’s teammate dies to Warzone’s overpowered melee attacks, though it’s perfectly understandable given his downed state. And just as tankmnandan’s Self-Revive is about to complete, the user also gets attacked by the final Warzone player.

Warzone Execution Win
(Source: Activision)

Attempting to showboat, the enemy player begins an execution on the user. This lengthy finisher would make for an excellent last kill of the match.

But their opponent didn’t count on the gas creeping up on them. Executing the last user puts the enemy just out of the ring, exposing them to the toxic gas.

And despite being inches away from victory, the player dies of suffocation, leaving tankmnandan with the win. Winning a game of Warzone while being executed is probably the luckiest occurrence to ever occur in the battle royale.

If the Reddit user had used the new Warzone glitch that lets downed players shoot their guns, this clip would be a lot shorter. It seems that lately, we’re exchanging one glitch for another in the popular battle royale.

In a recent update, Raven Software removed the infamous Warzone infinite Stim glitch, but new issues are already cropping up. And besides the issues, major streamers still hate Warzone’s audio after all this time.

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