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Warzone’s New Ural Mountains Map – Everything We Know So Far

Warzone could be heading to the Ural Mountains in its next map.

Ever since Warzone launched all the way back in March, players have been asking for a new map.

Season 1 took players the brand-new Rebirth Island mini-map. However, many Warzone fans were hoping for a new full-size map for Warzone.

However, many leaks and theories have pointed towards a new Verdansk-sized map launching soon.

Warzone’s New Map

Everything points towards a Warzone map set in the Ural Mountains, a mountain range that runs across Russia. Although nothing has been confirmed

Fans believe that Warzone’s new map is set in Ural because Black Ops Cold War’s Fireteam maps are set there. Players expect the new Warzone map to incorporate the large Fireteam maps from Cold War.

The snowy Alpine and densely-forested Ruka are the only Fireteam maps in the game so far. However, a new Sanatorium map is coming as part of a big new update for Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War Sanatorium

The game’s code makes players certain that these Fireteam maps will form a large Warzone map. Data-miners found that both Alpine and Ruka’s names in the code start with’ wz’ – short for Warzone.

A leak from a few months ago, reported again by Modern Warzone, shows the possible layout of the Ural Mountains map. This incorporates all of the Fireteam maps too.

When is Warzone’s Ural Mountains Releasing?

The obvious time to launch Warzone’s new Ural Mountains map would be in March – to celebrate Warzone’s one-year anniversary.

It is not known whether the new map will fully replace Verdansk or not. While it’s possible that Verdansk could take a break for a while, it would be unlikely that the map would be taken out of the game forever.

Let’s hope by the time this map launches, the broken gun ruining games of Warzone has been nerfed. however, there might be one rifle that can beat it.

There has also been a lot of controversy surrounding the new Gulag in Warzone Season 1. Dr Disrespect has suggested a huge change to the Gulag that could be brought to Warzone.

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