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Warzone’s New Pacific Map Could Have Some Major Problems

Raven Software has only just announced the new Pacific Warzone map, yet a popular Warzone YouTuber thinks that this could bring some problems!

Warzone players have been waiting for a new map for ages now. Luckily, players will be dropping into an exotic new location before the end of the year.

Warzone YouTuber Westie is excited about the new map like every other player. However, he has voiced some concerns about how this new map and Vanguard’s integration into Warzone could cause problems.

But first, check out the first look at the Pacific Warzone map in the Vanguard Multiplayer trailer.

New Warzone Pacific Map Details Revealed

Warzone Vanguard Integration & Pacific Map Problems

Raven has already revealed the first details about the Pacific Warzone map and it looks stunning. Although, these are the few concerns Westie has about the new location.

Footstep Audio

The major concern Westie has with the upcoming Pacific Warzone map is the footstep audio. While players have issues with the “terrible” Warzone footstep audio, it could get even worse.

Westie has already dropped into the Call of Duty Vanguard Champion Hill Alpha and believes that the sound design in the game is quite poor. This has prompted major concerns about footsteps not being audible in the new Warzone map.

This would be a huge problem in a Battle Royale like Warzone where map position, flanking and stealth are all necessary to win games.

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Warzone Pacific Map Mountain

Weapon Balancing With Vanguard Guns in Pacific Warzone Map

Next, Westie has raised concerns about how the weapons will be balanced in Warzone. There are already over 100 weapons in Warzone right now and Vanguard is likely to push that number up to 150.

The integration of Black Ops Cold War’s weapons into Warzone was a nightmare as they fluctuated between underpowered and overpowered.

Therefore, the last thing Warzone needs is a repeat of this as it could ruin the launch of the new map.

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Warzone Pacific Map POI

New Vanguard Gunsmith System Coming to Warzone?

Not only will the introduction of new weapons make it difficult to balance Warzone, but Westie also thinks the additional attachments could be a problem too.

Vanguard’s Gunsmith lets you equip 10 attachments and this could also be a big problem with the new Warzone map. Will all weapons now have 10 attachments, just the Vanguard ones, or will Vanguard weapons drop down to 5 attachments like the Cold War and Modern Warfare guns?

Whatever the solution, Raven Software needs to be very careful to keep the balance of the game or even more players could quit Warzone for good.

What do you think about the potential problems in the upcoming Warzone Pacific map? Let’s hope this is just Westie not getting his hopes up too much!

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Also, luckily, the new Warzone Pacific map will have a lot less hackers. Warzone cheaters now have deadly flying motorbikes!

Finally, Warzone fans are happy to see the new Season 5 Reloaded update. However, many players are calling the new 50v50 ‘Clash’ game mode terrible.

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Tuesday 21st of September 2021

Seeing as Warzone Season 5 doesn't end until Oct 6th, then you have another 8 weeks for Season 6, which takes you into December, JGOD is an idiot, spouting nonsense as per usual.