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Warzone’s New Best Gun After the DMR Nerf

Who will take the DMR’s crown as the best gun in Warzone?

There’s a big gap to fill for the new top gun in Warzone. The DMR along with a load of other overpowered weapons were nerfed in the latest balancing patch.

However, one of the new Cold War assault rifles added to Warzone could become the new meta.

The DMR certainly isn’t the meta gun anymore. Pro Warzone players have confirmed that the DMR nerf is big.

Warzone’s Best New Gun?

The FFAR 1 assault rifle is definitely in contention for Warzone’s new best gun. It has been this good since it came to Warzone, but all of the attention was reserved for the totally overpowered DMR.

The gun’s best quality is its insane time to kill. The combination of a very fast fire rate for an assault rifle and the respectable damage means the FFAR has one of the quickest times to kill.

The gun is also reasonably easy to use and has manageable recoil with the right attachments. Be sure to read our guide on the best FFAR attachments and loadout for Warzone and Cold War to get the most out of the gun.

The damage and accuracy make this gun a formidable weapon to come up against. It could even be the most powerful gun in Warzone at the moment.

Warzone New Best Gun FFAR

Can the FFAR Replace the DMR?

Players expecting a like-for-like replacement for the DMR should look for another gun though. The FFAR can’t kill at the long ranges that the DMR could.

The gun absolutely shreds at close and medium ranges, but don’t expect to be beating snipers at longer distances.

Therefore it would be best to pair the FFAR with a sniper rifle like the SP-R 208. Make sure you’re using the best SP-R 208 loadout for Warzone – attachments are essential.

This close-range shredding ability also makes it a perfect gun to use in the close-quarters Rebirth Island map. Find out what are the best guns to use in Rebirth Island.

Check out JackFrags’ video below to see how powerful the FFAR can be and why it is Warzone’s new best gun.

JackFrags Youtube

Also, now is the perfect time to level up the FFAR. Find out how to level up your guns quickly with Cold War and Warzone’s Double Weapon XP Event.

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