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Warzone’s Melee System Is Broken After One-Hit-Kill Move Discovered

Warzone players have discovered that the melee system is a little bit broken currently. Is this a bug? or perhaps a mechanic that Warzone players don’t know about?

The Warzone community has been discussing what could be a new bug in the popular battle royale game. This one affects Warzone’s melee system and turns the player’s fists into a powerful one-hit-kill weapon.

The Warzone community has been discussing a clip that shows one player being taken down in one hit with full health and armor. So is this a bug? or is this a feature that Warzone players aren’t aware of?

Interestingly, many Warzone players have already called for a nerf to OP melee attacks. So perhaps this clips highlights the need for a few changes in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Likewise, if you are still enjoying Call of Duty: Warzone, a new cutscene may have teased season 2. Season 2 could bring many changes to the game, including a rework to the melee system.

Warzone Melee Damage

Fighting using fists might not be the conventional method for most players. It also certainly shouldn’t beat out guns or tactical equipment. Despite this, players are experiencing one-hit-kill moves from some enemies.

In a pinch, sometimes you have to rely on your fists. It can really help to turn your luck if you manage to sneak up on an unsuspecting enemy or finish off a downed player.

However, normally this is usually at the start of a match, after picking up a gun players don’t have much reason to use their fists. Melee kills therefore are quite hard to land against fully equipped enemies.

Now, Warzone’s melee system appears to be completely broken after some are reporting one-hit-kills even with full health and armor. Normally, this takes around 4 or 5 melee hits to secure a kill against an armored enemy.

warzone melee system
(Source: Activision)

One Reddit user ‘callohh’ shared a clip that showed one player’s ordeal with a supercharged melee attack. Unfortunately, it did end in a one-hit-kill and an immediate trip to the Gulag.

Warzone One-Hit-Kill Melee Move

The video shows one player being eliminated in a single blow. This is not the usual damage that Warzone’s melee system puts out, so what is going on in the clip?

Although some have argued that it is likely a bug, which can be added to Warzone’s ever-growing list. Players are having to deal with the return of Warzone’s infamous invisibility glitch.

However, other players might have shined some light on what is actually happening. According to one explanation, it might in fact be the combo mechanic that is a part of Warzone’s melee system.

If you didn’t know, landing consecutive hits in Warzone will ramp up the damage each time. In the clip, you can see the superpowered enemy is already finishing off a downed teammate using his fists.

warzone fistfight
(Source: Activision)

It appears that this might amplify the damage, and when the unfortunate player runs in he is dealt a lethal blow. Therefore it could explain why Warzone’s melee system is leading to one-hit-kill melee attacks.

If you are having a hard time with Warzone at the moment, Activision has confirmed a new Call of Duty game is coming in 2021. So perhaps the next installment may have a few changes.

However, if Warzone is proving quite frustrating and you’re finding yourself getting one-hit-killed, perhaps an armored truck might help you achieve victory.

Similarly, one Warzone player has also taken to the skies for an incredible skydiving melee kill.

However, you can check out the clip in question just below to see the one-hit-kill move for yourself:

Warzone’s ‘Armored Royale’ game mode has made a triumphant return. We recommend giving it a go, at least it will keep you away from other players’ fists…

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