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Warzone’s Infinite Stim Exploit Is Breaking the Game Again

It wouldn’t be a new Warzone update without the infinite Stim exploit returning yet again.

It’s safe to say that Warzone’s new season is not off to a good start. After merging with Cold War, Warzone players are finding all manner of exploits to ruin the battle royale with ease.

First, Warzone players were turning invisible, thanks to a glitch involving the new Attack Helicopters. And now, the infamous Warzone infinite Stim exploit has returned yet again.

(Source: Activision)

If you feel like you’ve heard this story before, that’s because this isn’t the first time the infinite Stim glitch has come back to Warzone.

Warzone’s Infinite Stim Glitch

Warzone’s infinite Stim glitch involves a player being able to use an unlimited supply of Tactical Equipment. With a Stim in-hand, this allows players to survive endlessly in the Warzone gas.

Of course, this means that those taking advantage of the exploit can guarantee a win in any game. It also makes Warzone basically unplayable for those who aren’t prepared to cheat to win.

Warzone Infinite Stim Exploit
(Source: Activision)

This problem could easily be fixed by causing players standing in gas for longer periods of time to take increased damage. It could also help if the game’s developers removed Stims until they were fixed for good.

Adding an anti-cheat software that could detect a player using over 20 Stims a minute would also be a valid solution. However, Activision has famously refused to add anti-cheat to combat the Warzone hacker infestation.

How to Get Infinite Stims in Warzone

Usually, we’d stay clear of handing out a game-breaking bug like Warzone’s infinite Stim exploit. However, this broken mechanic is so well-known at this point that it’s best that everyone knows.

In the past, the infinite Stim glitch was performed by throwing a grenade before grabbing and holding it once more. Once downed, getting revived by a friend should allow you to use unlimited equipment in-game.

The second time the infinite Stim exploit resurfaced, it involved a similar tactic but cooking your grenade just as the plane was taking off in the pre-game. We imagine that this time around, it’s a similar method.

UPDATE: A new Tweet by Raven Software confirms that a new patch for Warzone is available. This latest update should fix the Warzone infinite Stim issue… hopefully for the last time.

The original article conteinues as follows:

More than one post on the Warzone subreddit shows off the new infinite Stim exploit in action. Players are getting sick of the same issue in every major update, and we certainly can’t blame them.

Usually, it takes Activision roughly 24 hours to patch the issue, so we’ll have to wait for a fix yet again. In the meantime, players should enjoy their Christmas Double XP period in Black Ops Cold War.

If you don’t own the game, it’s currently in a free trial week, allowing anyone to enjoy Multiplayer without paying. Modern Warfare Multiplayer is another great option, as a new leak reveals tons of upcoming Modern Warfare content.

However, this content may also be coming to next year’s rumored Modern Warfare 2. The Warzone finale cinematic even hints at Modern Warfare 2, leading players to believe that the game is dropping in 2021.

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