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Warzone’s Haunting of Verdansk Refuses to Tone Down the Spooks

Warzone just got a whole lot scarier, but Haunting of Verdansk refuses to ‘tone down the spooks’.

In Call of Duty’s latest Halloween update, Haunting of Verdansk, players are getting jump-scared. When you go Trick or Treating, you’re just asking for a scare.

Opening supply boxes in any Warzone game mode gives players a decent chance of getting a jumpscare. The box will open, complete with a horrible flashing image and loud scream.

Warzone Jumpscare
(Source: Activision)

Some players are finding this new update a little too much to manage, especially when they forget it can happen. But Raven Software is refusing to make any changes.

Haunting of Verdansk Refuses to Tone Down Its Spooks

It appears that even the developer’s QA team is having a hard time with the scary update. Testing a new Halloween setting is sure to be out of many of the QA testers’ comfort zones.

However, the development team is unapologetic for their actions. When asked to ‘tone down the spooks’ for the quality assurance testers, the developer responded:

“Sorry, you can’t turn off getting scared.”

This message is now directed at the game’s player base too. If you’re having a hard time with Haunting of Verdansk’s jump scares, the game might not be for you right now.

One Reddit commenter points out the biggest issue with the current supply crate scares:

“Some of them are just loud. Like physically painful with headphones on. It’s a good scary Halloween prank because I fear hearing damage every time I open a box.”

Other users claim that they’re now muting their headsets when opening a box. Of course, this makes it fairly difficult to hear enemies, or zombies, that are about to get the drop on you.

It’s Not All Tricks in Haunting of Verdansk

Of course, despite the horrific jump scares and the occasional ghost floating around, it’s not all bad in Verdansk. After all, there are new rewards to unlock, a new nighttime setting, and zombies to slay.

The new Halloween update also brings Jigsaw and Leatherface operators to Warzone. Now with half your lobbies in cosplay as classic horror movie villains, you can take your revenge on figures that scared you as a child.

The new undead-infested game mode has also gone down a treat. In fact, Warzone players want Zombie Royale to be a permanent addition to the game.

If you’re yet to drop into Haunting of Verdansk, don’t miss out! The limited-time event will only be here for two more weeks, after all.

Those that participate will also be able to get their hands on a unique weapon blueprint. That said, some Warzone players aren’t getting their Haunting of Verdansk Legendary weapon blueprint due to yet another bug in the battle royale game.