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Warzone’s Ultimate Showdown: Hacker vs Stim Glitcher

Warzone players are not having a good time with the state of the game right now. However, the broken battle royale is finally allowing for one of Warzone's ultimate showdowns, as a hacker comes up against an infinite Stim glitcher.

If you've played the battle royale mode recently, you'll know what we mean when we say that Warzone is broken. On top of overpowered weaponry and rampant cheating, the infamous Warzone infinite Stim glitch is back yet again.

We've actually lost count of how many times this infinite Stim glitch has appeared in Warzone at this point. But the exploit allows users to survive inside the gas, by endlessly using Stim tactical equipment to regain health.

Warzone Infinite Stim Exploit vs Hacker
(Source: Activision)

This exploit gives players an almost-guaranteed win. However, what happens when a hacker and a Stim glitcher face off?

Warzone Hacker Fights an Infinite Stim Glitch User

Warzone hackers are notorious for spotting players from a mile away and instantly locking onto their heads. Combine this with the overpowered Warzone DMR and you've got a recipe for a bad time.

However, even a hacker might struggle to compete when facing off against an infinite Stim glitch abuser. In fact, that's exactly what happened in one new matchup.

In a clip that's attracting a lot of attention on the Warzone subreddit, one user spectates a fight between a hacker and a Stim glitcher. Although calling it a fight is a little inaccurate.

Warzone Hacker vs Stim Glitcher
(Source: Activision)

Unlike the epic battles between Warzone players and Stim glitch exploiters, this one isn't so exciting. After dying to a hacker, one Warzone squad spectates their enemy struggle with a Stim glitch user.

Realizing that their final opponent is hiding in the gas, one Warzone hacker gets in a vehicle to drive to the enemy's location. Despite being able to see the player across the map, even the user's hacks aren't enough to kill them from a distance.

Much to the watching players' delight, the hacker isn't able to get close enough to their enemy to win the game. And despite racking up 34 kills on regular players, they're not able to grab the victory.

Warzone Cheaters Can't Win Every Time...

It must be depressing to load your game full of cheats and still lose. However, it must be an equally sad existence to sit in a corner and spam Stims just for a chance of winning.

We'd like to hope that Warzone will soon be free from its many issues, but that's a little optimistic. Infinite Stim glitches tend to get a fix within a day or two, but they've been around for months.

Meanwhile, other major Warzone issues such as the overpowered weapons are still yet to be fixed. However, major streamer NICKMERCS believes that a second DMR nerf is coming.

But even NICKMERCS is getting cheating accusations in Warzone these days...

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