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Warzone’s Gulag Is Changing in Black Ops Cold War Season 1

One of the best features of Verdansk is its excellent Gulag system, but that’s all changing in Warzone’s new season.

When Warzone first released, players praised the game’s Gulag system, which allows players to return to the battlefield once downed. Die in the battle royale, and you’ll head into a 1v1 fight in the Gulag.

Winners return to Verdansk and losers must be bought back by teammates to continue. The iconic area is a staple of the Warzone experience, but it’s about to change in a major way.

Rebirth Island new Gulag Warzone
(Source: Activision)

With the launch of Black Ops Cold War Season 1, the Gulag is getting a complete revamp. And we’re not just talking about Warzone’s new Rebirth Island map either.

How Is the Gulag Changing With Black Ops Cold War’s Warzone Integration?

In a new blog post, Activision reveals its plans for the Gulag in Warzone’s new update. Coming in the Black Ops Cold War Season 1 launch week, there are several new Gulag experiences to discover.

First of all, Verdansk’s iconic Gulag is getting a complete makeover. No longer will players be headed into the prison showers for their combat trial.

New Nuketown Gulag for Warzone
(Source: Activision)

Instead, the 1v1 battle will be taking place in a replica of Treyarch’s Nuketown map. Built by the Soviets, the rough Nuketown arena doesn’t include indoors or backyard areas, making it a simple close-range map.

It’s possible to climb onto the house awnings for greater sightlines, but doing so will put you at risk. You can also head inside the truck bed and around the bus for greater cover.

Of course, there’s a whole new Gulag meta to learn here, complete with new Black Ops Cold War Season 1 weapons to try out.

It’s unclear as to whether the original Gulag will ever make a return. Those who enjoy dueling in the shower area should make the most of their time in Verdansk’s beloved arena.

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New Rebirth Island Gulag Experience

Of course, with the new Rebirth Island map coming to Warzone, there has to be a second new Gulag system making an appearance. This one takes place deep below the surface of Rebirth Island’s Prison Block area.

Here, players will fight it out in the chambers where Perseus experimented on inmates with the Nova-6 chemical weaponry. Warzone fans can either head around the edges of the new Gulag or head right through the center.

New Rebirth Island Warzone Gulag
(Source: Activision)

Doing so offers a quick route to the enemy’s side of the arena, but players will set off a metal detector. Alerting your enemy to your position is a great tool for mind-games, though, and we’re excited to see the new Gulag in action.

Bear in mind, in both of Warzone’s new Gulag experiences, players waiting in the rafters will still be able to throw rocks at those in the arena.

With just days until the Black Ops Cold War Season 1 release date, players won’t have to wait long to try out the new Warzone Gulag for themselves. In the meantime, players can take a look at the new Cold War Operator skins that leaked ahead of the update.

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