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Warzone’s Fastest Killing Weapons: Best TTK Loadouts in Season 3

Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 is shaking up the meta, and you need to be using these new fast TTK loadouts!

With a new major update comes a brand-new meta in Activision’s Battle Royale. Warzone Season 3: Classified Arms, is here to shake things up, and there are some new guns in the spotlight.

Now that these massive balance changes have hit many of the top picks, it’s time to change up your loadouts once again.

And, if you’re a fan of a particular gun, why not see if it’s made it into our best-in-class picks?

Warzone Fastest TTK Weapon Loadouts in Season 3

AK-47 (CW)

Warzone AK47

The Cold War AK-47 is back in the meta in Warzone Season 3, and it’s one gun you need to be running. Not only does the Cold War weapon offer superior movement in-game, but it actually is the gun with the lowest TTK (0.74s) at just below 40 meters.

After that, the Time-to-Kill jumps up slightly to 0.84s but it’s still leagues below many of the other top picks out there.

Check out the best AK-47 loadout in Warzone Season 3 here!


CR-56 AMAX Loadout for Warzone Season 3 Caldera

According to TrueGameData analysis, the AMAX is still the king of Warzone, with the fastest Assault Rifle TTK of 0.7s or lower at 36 meters. Even from 100 meters away, the gun still keeps its Time-To-Kill below a second, making it the undisputed best AR in the game.

Check out the best AMAX loadout in Warzone Season 3 here!

Owen Gun

Best Owen Gun Loadout in Warzone Season 3 - JGOD's Meta SMG

However, for the true fastest TTK in Warzone Season 3, you’ll need to rely on the SMG class. Specifically, the Owen Gun.

The popular SMG has a TTK of just 0.5-0.55s up to 14 meters, making it the best close-range option in the game.

Don’t miss JGOD’s meta Owen Gun loadout in Warzone Season 3!


best welgun loadout

While the Welgun isn’t able to claim the title of the fastest TTK in Warzone, don’t count it out. After all, while the Owen Gun’s TTK spikes after 17 meters, the Welgun maintains its sub-0.7s TTK until around 40 meters.

At close range, the difference between the Owen Gun and Welgun is negligible. But as you get further from your opponent, this is the gun you want to have by your side.

Check out the best Welgun loadout in Warzone Season 3 here!

That’s it for Warzone’s fastest killing guns in Season 3. Of course, there are several other options you should look into.

Here are a few honorable mentions which are more than viable in Warzone Season 3:

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