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Warzone’s Early Game-Ending Cheat Has Been Fixed

Finally, after multiple cases have been reported, Warzone's game-ending cheat has been patched.

Warzone's anti-cheat has frustrated fans for a long time. Many feel that Activision and Raven Software are not doing nearly enough.

There are so many cheaters in-game that the waves of cheater-bans aren't doing nearly enough to prevent the game from being a haven for exploits.

Dealing with cheaters has become an unfortunate side-effect of playing Warzone. And sadly, many fans have had to just put up with it.

Game-ending Warzone Glitch Patched
Call of Duty Warzone

Thankfully, though, Raven Software has been offering some assistance to players in the form of small bug patches. They help to iron the game out as new cheats come to light, and keep the gameplay as smooth as they can manage.

However, it's not enough for some. Streamer NICKMERCS has asserted that full anti-cheat measures for Warzone are "not even possible".

Plus, Activision's previous anti-cheat measures were banning innocent players.

But thankfully, an exploit that has left a lot of fans frustrated has now been patched out.

"Early End" Cheat Patched from Warzone

After multiple reports of it plaguing Warzone lobbies, the glitch that allowed players to end games early has been patched.

Cheaters were able to simply end a game and shut down a lobby whenever they felt like it, in a spiteful takedown to all other players in their lobby. It was ruining games, and as long as there was at least one cheater in the lobby, the game was as good as over before it had even begun.

Thankfully though, Raven Software has confirmed that the game-ending cheat will not be in Warzone for much longer.

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Game-ending Warzone Glitch Patched
Call of Duty Warzone

Raven has stated in a tweet "We rolled out a #Warzone update yesterday addressing an issue that allowed matches to be ended prematurely. If this continues to happen, please let us know in the replies."

Warzone's game-ending glitch is one that was in desperate need of a patch, so players are glad it has been axed from the game.

But, Warzone is far from perfect yet. Many fans have called Warzone's anniversary celebrations a "slap in the face".

They're getting antsy too, and fans have expressed that they're bored of waiting for Warzone content.

However, they may not have to wait for much longer. The layout for the upcoming new map has been revealed using leaked information.

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