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Warzone’s Best Overpowered Skin After the Roze Changes

Warzone players are already finding their new favorite skin after Raven Software announces big changes to Roze are incoming.

If you hop into any game of Warzone’s battle royale, it won’t be long until you come face to face with Warzone’s most overpowered skin. Roze’s Rook appearance was a Season 5 Tier 100 reward, and it seems like every player is running it these days.

Players have been complaining for months about the infamous Roze skin. And many Warzone fans want Roze’s Rook appearance removed from the game altogether.

roze skin warzone

Now, Raven Software is announcing that huge Roze changes are incoming. And those who like to hide in the dark are already hard at work picking the best skin after the Roze nerf.

The Best Warzone Skin After the Roze ‘Rook’ Nerf

If you’re looking for the new best Warzone skin in the game after the Roze nerf, look no further.

After months of waiting for changes to Roze’s skin, players are already jumping ship to a new all-black cosmetic. Thankfully, this one isn’t quite as bad as Rook, but it’s still a dark cosmetic that can hide in the shadows.

We’re referring, of course, to Mil-Sim: Balkan Special ATU. This cosmetic is a special all-black variant of Mil-Sim and is attainable far more easily than Roze’s skin.

Instead of grinding out a whole battle pass, players can actually purchase this overpowered skin in the Balkan Blue Lightning Unit store bundle. And given that the pack is in the store right now for 1200 COD points, we imagine Activision will be raking in the purchases soon.

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Balkan Blue Lightning Unit
(Source: Activision)

This definitely won’t help Activision’s reputation for ignoring Warzone players to sell microtransactions

Is the Mil-Sim Balkan Special ATU as Overpowered as Roze?

Thankfully, at least the Mil-Sim skin is a larger silhouette, without Roze’s 100% matte surface. Some players don’t believe that the cosmetic will pose as big of an issue as its predecessor.

But not all users agree with this assessment:

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“This guy is exceedingly close to Roze. Same EXACT shade of black, smooth head, minimal equipment,” one Reddit user writes. “Fact is, the real issue is poor overall visibility and extreme shadows especially when first stepping indoors.

Thankfully, there are at least a few ways to counter Roze skins in Warzone. And we’ll probably see a similar tactic even if Mil-Sim becomes the new meta.

Players can also take advantage of new NVIDIA DLSS Warzone support to help spot enemies hiding in the dark! However, only certain gamers will be able to make use of the new technology.

You can also counter Roze, and every other Operator, with this new broken Warzone UAV zombie strategy. And, on the topic of Operators, we’ve just had an early leak of Warzone’s Season 3 Operator!

Right now we’re only days away from the next Warzone map’s release! Hopefully 1980s Verdansk is a place with fewer dark areas to hide in…

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