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Warzone’s Best LMG in Season 2 – Stoner vs RPD vs M60

Warzone has plenty of powerful weapons, but it's quite the competition for the best LMG in Season 2.

When it comes to finding the best weapon in Call of Duty: Warzone, it's difficult to compare each gun. After all, Warzone is infamous for its broken attachments, and some statistics just refuse to do what they should in the game.

On top of that, there are dozens of weapons in the game at this point, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Even comparing the best LMGs in Warzone Season 2 is an ordeal in itself.

best LMGs in Warzone Season 2
(Source: Activision)

Thankfully, that's why YouTuber's like JGOD exist. The Warzone pro is renowned for his careful and in-depth analysis of each Call of Duty gun - and we know the very best Season 2 LMG to use in our loadouts.

The Black Ops Cold War LMGs are overpowered in Multiplayer, but how do they stack up in Warzone?

Warzone Season 2: What Is the Best LMG in the Battle Royale?

In a recent upload, JGOD provides careful analysis to determine the very best LMG in Warzone Season 2.

When it comes to Time-To-Kill, there's a noticeable difference between the Stoner, RPD, and M60 in Warzone. Although all three Cold War LMGs take 9 bullets to kill an enemy, the TTK varies significantly, due to each weapon's rate of fire.

The fastest by far is the Stoner, with not only the highest rate of fire but also a 665ms TTK. However, even the Stoner can't beat the insane fire rate of the PKM and Bruen, which each boast slightly faster Time to Kills.

warzone stoner season 2
(Source: Activision)

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Due to the slower fire rates and longer TTKs, JGOD doesn't believe that anyone should be using the RPD or M60. The Stoner, PKM, and Bruen, on the other hand, are far more viable.

In the current meta, you'll want this overpowered Warzone gun as your secondary at all times - in order to make an LMG a solid option.

But when it comes to which LMG is best in Warzone Season 2, JGOD had this to say:

"At the end of the day, the only one I would use from this list of 3 weapons is the Stoner."

Despite their TTK, other LMGs with slower rates of fire will punish players a lot more for every bullet missed.

Check out the best Stoner in Warzone Season 2 here, and start shredding the competition.

JGOD also revealed the best MAC-10 in Warzone Season 2, which is an excellent pairing with the medium-long range LMG.

(Source: JGOD)

With new Black Ops Cold War voice lines leaking an upcoming Nuke event, Warzone's map isn't sticking around. After that, the new Warzone map leaks suggest we're getting an even bigger player count in our favorite battle royale title.

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