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Warzone’s New Anti-Cheat Is Banning Innocent Players

Activision is finally taking measures to implement a proper anti-cheat in Warzone, but it appears to be banning innocent players.

Warzone is a game with more than a few cheaters active, but Activision’s new anti-cheat doesn’t appear to be working properly.

Not only are cheating players finally getting banned, but it appears that innocent users are also finding themselves locked out.

Warzone dropping in
(Source: Activision)

After almost a year of waiting on Activision to implement a proper anti-cheat, Warzone users are finding themselves banned unjustly.

Warzone Is Banning Innocent Players, After Anti-Cheat Update

It seems that all is not well with the recent Warzone anti-cheat update, as it begins to ban innocent players.

We’re not exactly sure what changes Activision made to Warzone’s new anti-cheat software. However, not all of them appear to have been for the best.

Despite the publisher’s claims that 60,000 users were banned in a single day, not all of the removed players appear to have been guilty. In fact, several users on the Warzone subreddit claim to be innocent, despite getting a ban.

“I got banned too, for no reason whatsoever,” Reddit user StephanoDoto writes. “Spent lots on money in this f*cking game. I’ll never buy a product from activision ever again”

Warzone Innocent Players
(Source: Activision)

A reply from a fellow player indicates that this user isn’t the only supposedly innocent user to get a ban.

“Tried logging in today and same thing. My account just got recovered from being stolen a week ago. So I guess the thief hacked and now IM the one getting shafted.”

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Of course, there’s no guarantee that these players are innocent. But with more than a few commenters protesting their ban, it’s likely that a few innocent players are being punished too.

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen this result either. A report from 2020 indicates that Warzone shadowbans are forcing fans to play with cheaters.

It’s clear that Activision does need to step up it’s anti-cheat game. After all, one Warzone streamer has now lost to cheaters over 1000 times.

But it seems that whatever measures the company put in place may not be the correct ones just yet. For now, if you encounter hackers or exploit users, follow these tips on how to remove Warzone cheaters from your lobby.

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