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Warzone Zombies Have Taken Over Hospital – Will Verdansk Be Overrun?

The zombies outbreak in Warzone's Verdansk has taken the undead to Hospital now.

Zombies first hit the shores of Verdansk at the start of Warzone Season 2. While it took a while for them to leave the new Shipwreck point of interest, the undead are well and truly on the move.

Hospital is the latest location to get infested by zombies.

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Warzone Zombies Move To Hospital

The zombies stayed at Shipwreck for the first few weeks of Warzone Season 2, however they since spread to Prison and threatened to head further into Verdansk.

Following a mysterious teaser from Activision, the zombies have now taken up residence in Verdansk's Hospital. Players can now activate a Zombies trial machine inside the hospital to fight zombies inside the creepy abandoned hospital.

With the undead horde now in the Hospital, this also means that both Shipwreck and Prison are zombie-free now. The Warzone zombies will most likely remain in Hospital for the next week until they move on to another location.

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Will the Zombies Move To Stadium Next?

With the zombies moving to Warzone Hospital and not taking a set path as initially thought, the next location they will take over is up in the air. However, there is one location on the map where another zombies trial machine has been spotted before.

This location is Stadium. Therefore, don't be surprised if the Zombies turn up to watch Verdansk FC's next football match.

As the zombies in Warzone spread away from Hospital across Verdansk, this could lead to the leaked upcoming Plague game mode which features zombies and a nuke. A new zombies game mode would also be the perfect time to bring back the much-requested night mode to Warzone.

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Meanwhile, find out how to beat SBMM in Warzone and get easy lobbies. With the Warzone zombies in Hospital now, we would also recommend avoiding there if you want to win matches!

Also, there have been a number of leaks about the new Warzone map. Check out the first image of the new Warzone map here.

Finally, the new Warzone map could feature a way higher player count and more points of interest. This would definitely shake up the pace of Warzone.

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