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Warzone Zombies Take Over Superstore as Contamination Level Rises

The zombies invasion of Warzone is almost over, and they have now headed to the Verdansk Superstore.

Zombies crash-landed in Verdansk at the start of Warzone Season 2. Since then, they have spread to a number of Verdansk’s busiest locations.

Now the zombies have appeared in possibly the most popular spot in the whole Warzone map – Superstore.

Warzone Superstore

Zombies Arrive in Superstore

The latest movement of the zombies in Warzone has taken the undead horde to Superstore. Players can now activate a zombies trial machine to get legendary loot.

Completing the zombies trial also gives players the opportunity to unlock the overpowered Bombardment killstreak. Find out how to unlock the Bombardment in Warzone here.

However, this move to Superstore wouldn’t have come as a surprise to many Warzone players. The Zombies have changed locations every Thursday for a number of weeks now.

Plus, this leak revealed all of the upcoming zombie spawn locations in Warzone, and Superstore was one of them.

warzone verdansk zombies

Despite the zombies moving to a new location in Warzone every week, many players think that this event has been a total letdown. However, this could change soon.

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Zombie Contamination Level Rising

Along with the move to Superstore, the zombie contamination level in Warzone has risen. This is shown on the special Buy Stations which contain powerful new items including Foresight and an Advanced UAV.

The zombie contamination level has now shot up to 66%. This shows that the leaked Destruction of Verdansk event could be coming very soon.

The Zombies spreading to Superstore in Warzone could also lead to the upcoming Plague game mode where you have to save Verdansk from the undead.

Meanwhile, a new leak has revealed an upcoming Payload mode coming to Warzone. This could really shake up the game.

Also, with the Zombies now reaching Superstore, will this location be destroyed before the new 1980s Verdank map arrives.

Finally, angry Warzone players have started the FIXWZ clan tag movement to show their disappointment with the game.

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