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Warzone Zombies Spread Across Verdansk – Where Will They Go Next?

The zombies in Warzone are on the move, but where will they spread to next?

Zombies arrived in Warzone at the start of Season 2, when a ship crashed into Verdansk. They stayed in the shipwreck for the first couple of weeks of the Season as players prepared for their next move.

However, they are spreading now and this could mean disaster for Verdansk.

warzone verdansk zombies

Warzone Zombies Spread To Prison

Following a mysterious 'Ghoul-ag' hint from Activision, the zombies have now moved from Shipwreck to the Verdansk Prison.

Activision had been teasing at Zombies leaving shipwreck since last week, and they have finally spread. Now totally leaving Shipwreck behind, players can now fight the undead horde in Prison to get a Yellow Access Card and rare loot.

Check out our Warzone Yellow Access Card Guide.

However, if the zombies are spreading in Warzone, where will they spread to next?

Warzone Prison Zombies

Which POI Will Zombies Move To Next?

It is thought that the zombies will eventually spread across the whole of Verdansk in Warzone. This is for a number of reasons.

Firstly, Zombies trial machines have previously been found in Hospital and Stadium. These are the same as the ones found in Shipwreck and now Prison.

Secondly, there are computers displaying the zombie threat level in the new missile silo bunkers. Find out where to locate these new bunkers using our handy map.

Finally, a leaked game mode called Plague has revealed that zombies could take over all of Verdansk. Therefore, it's fair to assume that the zombies will continue to spread in Warzone.

The two most obvious places the Warzone zombies could spread to next are Port and Farmland. This is because they are the two locations nearest to Prison.

Warzone Port Cranes

Despite the zombies moving, Warzone players are getting bored with the lack of content in the game.

Also, the first image of the new Warzone map has leaked. This map could release in Season 3. Find out when Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 3 will begin.

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