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Warzone Zombies Outbreak Officially Confirmed By Cold War Discovery

The return of Zombies to Warzone may have just been confirmed by a discovery in Black Ops Cold War.

Fans have loved the idea of Zombies in Warzone for a while now.

During the Haunting of Verdansk event, the Zombie Royale game mode gave Warzone fans a taste of the Zombies' gameplay.

The game mode saw players dying, only to be brought back as super-powered undead warriors with super-speed and hefty jump height.

This was a lot of fun for players, but it wasn't exactly the Zombies experience fans had hoped for. The classic door-opening, horde-collecting, pack-a-punching gameplay was absent, and noticeably so.

Ever since fans have hoped to have a similar game mode to mainline Zombies join the Warzone slate.

Warzone Zombies discovery in Cold War Calling Card
Black Ops Cold War's Outbreak mode

With Call of Duty Season Two approaching for Warzone and Cold War, fans are excited about more Zombies content.

In Cold War's Outbreak mode especially, which looks to be a riveting shift in the Zombies formula that could change the way the game mode works forever. Here's all we know about the Outbreak mode so far.

Fans have been concerned that the mainline Zombies essence would never come to Warzone. Well, according to a new discovery, it could finally become a possibility.

Warzone's Zombies Calling Card Discovery in Cold War

In a post in the Warzone subreddit, a fan has discovered an interesting tidbit. The post shows a screenshot of Cold War's calling card menu, with a curious new calling card onscreen.

The calling card is called "quick elimination", and boasts an image of an exhausted soldier, surrounded by zombie's heads on pikes.

It's a single tier calling card unlock, with a Zombies-themed unlock path.

Warzone Zombies discovery in Cold War Calling Card
Warzone's Zombie Royale mode

In order to collect the card, it requires that "In Warzone, eliminate 8 Zombies before the first circle closes".

This is a new find, implying that it isn't a leftover card from the Zombie Royale event. It's new and will be unlockable when Season Two kicks in.

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This means it's likely that Zombies are finally coming back to Warzone. Who knows if this is in the mainline battle royale mode or a new game mode entirely. We'll just have to wait and see.

Whichever form the Zombies take in Warzone, we're excited to see what they bring to the battle royale's gameplay. And if it's even half as fun as Zombie Royale was, we'll be happy.

That's not the only Warzone Zombies teaser, though. The ship coming to shore in Verdansk could signal a full zombie outbreak in-game.

That very same ship also hints that Verdansk's dam could be destroyed, too.

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