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Warzone Zombie Easter Egg Disabled Due to Game Breaking Bug

Warzone has temporarily disabled the zombie easter egg in Fortune’s Keep due to a game-breaking bug!

So if you were hoping to head to Graveyard and obtain an easy self-revive, then you may need to wait a while.

Warzone is no stranger to bugs and glitches. Currently, Roze 2.0 is basically a “Pay-To-Win” skin due to how difficult it is to see on the map.

But this recent zombie easter egg bug has forced Warzone to disable one of the more interesting aspects of Fortune’s Keep.

Here’s everything we know about the issue.

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Zombies on Fortune's Keep

Warzone Zombie Easter Egg Causing Lobby Crash

When doing the Warzone zombie army easter egg with a full squad, players were experiencing a game-breaking bug that would crash their lobby.

This prompted Call of Duty to quickly disable the easter egg. So if you haven’t been able to “pay respects,” this is why.

The game-breaking bug would trigger when players would spawn the zombie army and run through the map with them.

Eventually, the lobby would just crash and kick everyone out. Meaning that even players that weren’t involved would be penalized. There is no time frame on when the zombie easter egg will be enabled again.

Thankfully, it looks like none of the other easter eggs on Fortune’s Keep have been affected. But if you’re worried about your game crashing, then Rebirth Island is once again back on the weekly playlist!

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So if you are thinking about returning to Rebirth Island, then make sure you switch your loadout to the current meta!

Hopefully, with this bug fix, there also comes a fix to the desync issues that Warzone players are still experiencing.

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