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Warzone Zombie Contamination Levels Rise But Players Don’t Care At All

In a new update, Warzone’s Zombie Contamination Levels are rising, but it seems that players don’t care any longer.

With the beginning of Warzone Season 2, zombies arrived in Verdansk for the second time. But while players loved the Warzone Halloween event, to say they were less excited this time around was an understatement.

Since February, zombies have been slowly moving around the Warzone map. But many have criticized Warzone’s zombie invasion for being truly underwhelming.

After all, there’s no actual invasion going on at all, the undead are simply moving from one area to the next. What’s more, zombies don’t actually infiltrate each area until players activate them – making the whole ordeal feel more like a gimmick than an obstacle.

warzone season 2
(Source: Activision)

Even now, with Warzone zombies hiding the game’s most devastating killstreak, players still don’t care about the undead invasion. It’s simply been going on for too long, with too little impact.

And now, it looks like we’ll be fighting off the Warzone zombies in a new Plague Mode very soon. We can only hope that it can make up for the ‘unplayable’ Season 2 that Warzone players have been experiencing so far.

Warzone Containment Protocol Alert Suggests Armored Zombies Are Coming

In a new Warzone blog on the Call of Duty website, Activision confirms the presence of armored zombies in the battle royale.

It seems that now, as zombies arrive in Verdansk’s TV Station, the undead army is getting upgraded even further. Containment levels are spiking to 33%, and new zombies are arriving on the scene.

According to reports by Armistice Central Command, new zombie variants now feature strong ballistic resistance on their fronts. These armored zombies join the gas and electric variants that we’ve seen arrive in past locations, making for a more difficult time for any who would face them.

warzone verdansk zombies
(Source: Activision)

However, Warzone players may have already lost interest in the slow-moving zombie invasion. In fact, on the game’s subreddit, players are downvoting the official announcement.

And in the comments, Warzone fans are poking fun at the new containment protocols completely:

“In addition, some non-zombies appear to have mutated to be immune from human sight,” one user writes. “It is believed this has a little to do with the new helicopters in Verdansk, but mostly results from extreme developmental laziness and general disregard for quality.”

This is a reference to the fact that Warzone’s minigun helicopters brought back the infamous invisibility bug, despite months of Raven Software working on the vehicles.

This is leading some users to believe that Warzone Season 2 Reloaded is the worst update in the battle royale’s history. But something more interesting than the undead right now is Warzone’s upcoming Easter egg hunt that gives out free Blueprints.

With Verdansk’s new 1980s themed map just around the corner, players can’t wait for some fresh Warzone content. But some fans are already looking forward to jumping ship to Battlefield 6’s battle royale.

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