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Warzone Youtubers Pretend to Be Bots to Get Easy Lobbies

Can YouTubers get easy Warzone lobbies by using default skins?

We all know about skill-based matchmaking, but can YouTubers pretending to be bots use “skin-based matchmaking” to get easy lobbies in Warzone?

JackFrags, Stoddeh, and Westie swapped their fancy Warzone outfits for a plainer look to investigate.

How to Be a Bot in Warzone

Bots are AI-controlled enemies that players can fight in Warzone practice modes. They are low-skilled and seem to have absolutely no awareness of what is going on around them.

Low-skilled or new players are also jokingly called bots by some. This is the kind of player YouTubers JackFrags, Stoddeh and Westie pretended to be to see if it would put them in an easy Warzone lobbies.

This is because Warzone’s SBMM matches players with others of a similar skill level. JackFrags previously revealed how to beat Warzone’s SBMM using a couple of clever tricks.

All of the JackFrags’ squad used the default Warzone skin to see if this affected the matchmaking in any way. Secondly, Jack and his squad also wanted to see whether using a default skin changed how other players perceived them.

warzone default

Do Default Skins Get You Easy Lobbies in Warzone?

The short answer is no, pretending to be a bot won’t give you easy lobbies in Warzone. JackFrags and his squad were clearly still in a top lobby full of highly skilled players.

Enemies were even using the pay-to-win Roze skin that angry players want to be banned.

However, the default skins were an advantage in some ways and helped them win the match.

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Do Enemies Think You’re A Bot?

There’s an instance near the end of their game where a player in a car decided to run over instead of shooting them. JackFrags and the squad decided this was because they used default skins and this made the enemy underestimate them.

JackFrags also says “using a default skin incentivizes players to rush you”.

Therefore pretending to be a bot in Warzone could still be an advantage, even if it doesn’t get you easy lobbies. If enemies think you’re bad at the game then they will underestimate you.

JackFrags YouTube

However, many content creators are finding Warzone hard to enjoy at the moment. YouTuber Drift0r has said that he and many other content creators could quit Warzone unless Activision removes cheaters.

A load more players could quit Warzone soon if this new “legit” infinite stim glitch stays in the game.

Default skins won’t get you easy Warzone lobbies so you may as well try some cool new looks. Find out the best movie-inspired skins to wear as you run around Verdansk.

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