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Warzone Yellow Access Card Guide – How To Find It & What It Opens

Use this simple Warzone Yellow Access Card guide to work out how to get your hands on one and also what it opens.

Warzone players have previously scrambled over the Red Access Cards that open bunker doors. However, a newer and even rarer keycard has been added to Warzone in Season 2.

How to Get Yellow Access Card in Warzone

The Yellow Access Card is linked to the new Warzone Outbreak event which has introduced Zombies into Verdansk. However, it is very difficult to get as only one spawns per lobby.

Zombies have infested the new Shipwreck point of interest in Warzone and you'll have to head there to get your hands on the Yellow Access Card.

First, you'll want to head to the bottom level of the ship, as that is where the zombies spawn. Then, start killing the zombies until all 40 of them are dead.

The 40th and final Zombie drops the Yellow Access Card when it is killed. Therefore, it doesn't matter how many of the other zombies you kill as you can only get the key card from the last one standing.

Once you've picked up the Yellow Access Card from the zombie's body, you'll need to find out what it does.

Warzone players will also want to explore the new bunkers that have opened up across the map. Use this map to find all of the new Warzone bunkers in Season 2.

Warzone Shipwreck Location Zombies Season 2

What Does the Yellow Access Card Open?

The yellow keycard opens a special supply box full of rare items.

After you have gotten the Yellow Access Card, a waypoint will appear on the screen. This shows you where the find the special yellow crate.

It is fairly easy to find, but you will have to head further into the ship to get it.

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Yellow Key Card Supply Box Rewards

Once you find the special crate, you can open it using your yellow keycard. The rewards are random, but there will always be good loot inside.

It can contain loads of very rare loot like a Durable Gas Mask, a self revive, and an armor satchel.

This Yellow Access Card loot will surely help you win more games Warzone. But if you're in need of a few more tips, look no further than our guide for the new Warzone Season 2 game modes.

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Now that the new season has finally launched, find out everything coming to Warzone in Season 2. Along with the new content, this season should be way more enjoyable now that the stim glitch has been fixed once and for all.

Meanwhile, a leaker has revealed that a standalone Call of Duty Zombies game could be in development.

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