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Warzone WW2 Bunker Locations Map – All Season 6 Bunkers

Find out the locations of every single WW2 bunker in Warzone Season 6 – we’ve even made a handy map for you!

After what seems like forever, Warzone Season 6 is finally here. Plus, it has brought some huge changes to Verdansk for the first time in ages.

One of the biggest changes to the map is the introduction of new underground bunkers. Long-time Warzone fans will have probably ventured into some bunkers before, but these ones are totally different.

Unfortunately, finding these bunkers isn’t exactly easy, after all, they are hidden underground. That’s why we have made a handy map of all of the WW2 bunkers in Warzone for you so you can find all three of them.

But first, check out everything coming in Warzone Season 6.

Warzone WW2 Bunker

Where to Find the World War II Bunkers in Verdansk

In case you missed it, there are loads of Verdansk map changes in the Warzone Season 6 update. While the main one is Downtown being destroyed, Warzone players are more eager to check out the three new WW2 bunkers in Verdansk.

You can easily find the rappel entrances to the bunkers thanks to some large stacks of red shipping containers. However, there will also be a fissure in the ground nearby where you can enter the bunkers too.

The WW2 bunker locations in Warzone are:

  • East of Boneyard, next to the train tracks.
  • North East of Array.
  • North of Airport, near the tower.

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Warzone WW2 Bunker Locations Map

Here is a map of where you can find all three of the WW2 bunkers in Warzone Season 6:

Warzone WW2 Bunker Locations Map Gaming Intel

While there may not be too much in the bunkers now, rumors suggest that they could play a major part in the leaked Warzone Pacific map reveal event.

Now that you know all of the WW2 bunker locations in Warzone Season 6, there will be nowhere for your opponents to hide!

In other Warzone news, players are excited about the upcoming Halloween event. Find out when ‘The Haunting’ begins in Cold War and Warzone.

Plus, the event will introduce two iconic horror characters to the game as well:

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