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Warzone’s Worst Gun Might Secretly Be Really Good

The FR 5.56 is widely regarded as one of the worst guns in the game, but this change could make it viable.

Most players would leave the FR 5.56 on the ground when they open up a crate. And next to nobody would ever dream of putting it in their loadout.

However, the FR 5.56 could have been treated quite unfairly so far. It could actually be a really great gun if you use it correctly.

Warzone Chopper

Worst Gun in Warzone or Underrated Assault Rifle?

Many Warzone players greet opening a crate containing a FR 5.56 with a sigh. It has been dismissed as possibly the worst gun in Warzone for quite a while now.

Players rarely ever pick it up as there are so many great floor loot guns in Warzone. Check out the best floor loot guns in Warzone Season 2.

However, gun testing Warzone YouTubers Drift0r and JGOD have both used the gun very effectively recently, but in different ways.

Drift0r compares the FR 5.56 to the AUG, which has recently had a huge nerf, as well as the M16. This is because it is a burst fire weapon that has the potential to deal a lot of damage.

While not as good as the best M16 loadout in Warzone, the FR 5.56 can be a very viable option for mid to long-range firefights. This is especially true now that everyone is used to running burst-fire guns now.

However, it is when using the gun in single-fire mode that it really shines.

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Warzone FR566

Single-Fire FR 5.56

Meanwhile, JGOD used the floor loot FR 5.56 in a different way – also showing that it isn’t one of Warzone’s worst guns.

Many assault rifles in Warzone have a single fire mode, but players never use it. However, the single fire mode on the FR 5.56 makes it a very good option.

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The problem with the FR 5.56 is that its burst fire makes it quite inaccurate at long range. But JGOD found success using the gun in single-fire mode on his latest stream.

This makes it laser accurate at long range and lets you be extremely precise with every shot. While the FR 5.56 isn’t a meta gun, it turns out that it could be a very viable option when using the single-fire mode.

However, you might want to run a sniper rifle as your long-range option for now. No-glint snipers have taken over Verdansk!


Meanwhile, the date of the Warzone nuke event has been teased. It’s finally coming!

Finally, all of the weapons coming in Cold War and Warzone Season 3 have leaked early. Hopefully, these will shake up the meta.

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