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Unlucky Warzone Player Gets Win Stolen by Trophy System

The most unlucky Warzone player got a win snatched away from him by a Trophy System.

Getting to the final two squads in Warzone is always a very tense affair. The stakes are high and players need to make split-second decisions to secure the win.

However, this player had no chance of winning thanks to a trophy system that seemed to have a mind of its own. It’s even worse than dying because you can’t hear anything thanks to this ridiculous Warzone non-stop music glitch.

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Killed by a Trophy System?

An incredible new Warzone clip shared on the subreddit shows a player actually losing a match to an explosive trophy system.

After getting down to the final three, Warzone player ZiggZaach did well to take down an opponent who was camping in a garage. He used the insanely powerful FFAR, which is part of our best loadout for Warzone Season 1.

He was then exploded out of nowhere while applying armor plates. This left the second-place player wondering how the win had been taken away from him.

However, the killcam reveals what originally seemed impossible. The garage camper’s trophy system exploded and killed ZiggZaach.

This is surely the most cruel and unlucky way to lose a game of Warzone.

Trophy Systems last 10 whole minutes, which is around half the length of a Warzone match. Lying right next to the Trophy System with a small amount of health just as it was about to explode is supremely unlucky.

Even if the Trophy System had exploded either a second earlier or later the player would have been fine. He would have had the chance to win the game.

Watch the video below.

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