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Warzone: Why TTK Isn’t The Most Important Weapon Statistic

Whenever Warzone players compare the effectiveness of weapons, TTK is often seen as the most important statistic. Here’s why it might not be as important as you think.

Picking the right weapon can get you far in Warzone, but there are many different statistics to consider when choosing the best gun for you. Despite this, many players just flock towards the gun that kills the fastest.

TTK or time-to-kill is how fast a weapon can down a fully armored opponent in Warzone. However, many players judge how good a weapon is purely by TTK rather than all of the other properties of the gun.

Here’s why you shouldn’t judge a weapon by its TTK in Warzone.

But first, check out the best weapon loadouts to use in Warzone Season 5.

Warzone Season 5

Why Time To Kill is Overrated in Warzone

Warzone Season 5 might have been ruined by hackers, but the update has also made the weapon balancing the best it has ever been. This makes it harder than ever to pick the right weapon to use.

Many players choose one statistic to decide which gun to use – TTK. And while it is important, many players ignore other important stats in favor of it, according to a new post on the Warzone subreddit.

The problem with TTK in Warzone is that it doesn’t factor in missed shots. Time to kill is a stat that assumes that you hit every single shot.

That’s very unlikely unless you’re a NICKMERCS level player or one of the many Warzone hackers using aimbots.

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Therefore, you shouldn’t only use TTK to decide which weapon you use in Warzone. In fact, for most players, having a weapon with low recoil is much more important than how fast it kills.

This is because you can be more accurate, hit more shots, and often kill faster with a low recoil weapon.

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There’s a reason why the Krig 6 is the most popular weapon in Season 5 and it is because of low recoil rather than fast TTK.

Will you be changing your primary weapon in Warzone now? Make sure to consider all of the weapon stats, not just TTK, before you make your Warzone loadout!

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Meanwhile, Call of Duty Vanguard is bringing a new WW2 map to Warzone. How will 1940s weapons compete for TTK with the Modern Warfare guns in Warzone?

Also, a huge leak has revealed the upcoming Warzone Halloween event and horror movie operator skin. Additionally, players are still waiting for the Verdansk Mines to open in Warzone, and Halloween would be the perfect time to fo it.

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