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Warzone: Where to Find Golden Keycards & Unlock Bunker – Season 4

Here is where Warzone Season 4 players can find all the Golden Keycard locations to unlock the Bunkers in Caldera!

The Bunkers in Caldera are back for Warzone Season 4, but unfortunately this time the only way to get into them is by using a Golden Keycard.

Inside of them is multiple legendary loot boxes with a ton of cash so despite them being locked, it’s still worth the effort to try and get inside one.

Thankfully, we know exactly where to find them. Here’s everything you need to know about unlocking the Bunkers in Warzone Caldera.

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Warzone Vault

How to Find Golden Keycard in Warzone Season 4 Every Time

There are a total of seven main bunkers on Caldera in Warzone Season 4. Each of these bunkers is near one of the main POIs in Caldera.

That’s where you’re the most likely to find a Golden Keycard. Since they are close to the bunkers, you’ll be able to grab one and quickly make your way there before anyone else!

Here is the location of every main bunker and nearest POI:

  • Southeast of Lagoon
  • East of Power Plant
  • Just North of Fields
  • Northwest of Resort
  • Just South of Runway
  • South of Docks
  • Between Digsite and Mines

A lot of the time these areas will be a hot drop. So make sure you’re setting up your loadout with the new Season 4 meta weapons like the NZ-41. After all the massive buffs it received it’s lethal at any range.

But if you want extra protection, the new Secret Chamber Easter Egg will give you a Golden Riot Shield you can use to defend yourself while looting the vault.

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Warzone Golden Keycard

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How to Unlock Bunkers in Warzone Season 4

There are a few other ways to unlock the bunkers in Warzone Season 4 Caldera besides just finding them in loot boxes.

Sometimes the locations can be a hot zone for battles. And if you’re looking for a Golden Keycard, chances are you don’t have the best loot yet.

Thankfully, there are other ways to gain entry into the bunkers.

Here is every way that players can obtain a Golden Keycard in Caldera:

  • Rare drops from loot boxes scattered around Caldera
  • Completing Contracts and obtaining them as rewards
  • Looting them from the bodies of enemies that already found one

Unfortunately, there are no exact locations that players can search to obtain a Golden Keycard. And it can be difficult since it seems that everyone is using one of the high pick-rate Vanguard guns as the only meta nowadays.

But Caldera now offers plenty of increased loot opportunities thanks to all the changes to the POIs that Warzone Season 4 brings! So you can pick up plenty of items to help you on your journey to the bunker.

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