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Warzone Players Report Welgun Unlock Challenge Isn’t Tracking – Fix Is Coming

In a new bug, Warzone Pacific players are discovering their challenges to unlock the Welgun aren’t tracking – but a fix is on the way.

Warzone Pacific just got its first mid-season update and it appears that more harm was done than good in the recent patch. After the update, many Xbox players are reporting crashes when matchmaking and that’s not all.

Many users are experiencing Warzone freezing when loading its main menu. And when you get into a game, the problems don’t end there.

There’s a new invisible guns glitch affecting many Warzone players, where your weapon simply never shows up.


And when it does, you’ve got to deal with several new invisible Operator skins that will kill you without you ever seeing them.

And if you were looking forward to trying out the new Welgun in Warzone, a new bug is preventing the weapon from being unlocked.

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Players Can’t Unlock New Welgun in Warzone Pacific

It seems that the new Warzone Pacific Welgun is almost impossible to unlock in the Battle Royale, due to its challenges not tracking properly.

As ever, Warzone players can just about get away with spending no money on the game, even if they want to experience all of its content. However, completing the Welgun unlock challenge is proving difficult in Warzone Pacific.

To complete the challenge and unlock the Welgun, Warzone players must get 10 ADS kills with SMGs in a single match 15 times. Obviously, this is quite the grind for regular Battle Royale players, but it’s possible with a bit of effort in modes like Plunder.

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Warzone & Vanguard New Welgun

Unfortunately, it appears that some players are finding that their Welgun unlock challenge isn’t tracking at all in either mode. And even after a handful of completed games, there doesn’t appear to be any movement from the unlock bar.

It’s worth noting that you do have to entirely complete whichever game you choose in order for the challenge to count too. But many players are reporting that they stay to the end of the match and see no change.

Of course, you can easily unlock and level up the Welgun in Call of Duty Vanguard. Or alternatively, you can always pay for the Blueprint and use the Welgun right away, if you prefer.

But many players believe that this issue, and the tricky challenge in general, is just a way to push more sales of Vanguard. And it’s not the first time we’ve heard claims that Warzone is becoming Pay to Win lately.

Raven Software Investigating Welgun Unlock Challenge

Thankfully, at least it appears that Raven Software is aware of the issue. On the Warzone Trello board, the developer lists the Welgun unlock challenge under its known issues on all platforms.

For now, the developer appears to be just investigating the issue, but it seems a fix is at least on the way.

Be sure to check out the best Welgun loadout for Warzone Pacific here once you have the new gun in your possession!

Welgun Unlock Challenge Being Investigated Warzone
Warzone Trello

However, if you’re stuck waiting for the issue to get a fix, don’t worry. These meta guns in Warzone Season 1 are the best ones that you need to be using.

Unfortunately, it seems that cheaters are ruining Warzone games as RICOCHET anti-cheat fails to live up to expectations.

And many players will undoubtedly be leaving the game once again as hacker levels rise.

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Thursday 10th of March 2022

If camos , challenges, weapon unlocks and rectiles are bugged then I have zero confidence in Ricochet or its existence , Vanguard is the First year I have not bought a call of duty


Wednesday 19th of January 2022

When will it be fixed im still trying to unlock it i did 41 kills with 3 smgs in 1 match I even bought the bundle